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Airman's Spotlight: Airman 1st Class Anne McCready

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Story by SrA Daniel Hambor on 05/31/2019
"Strengthening relationships with those around you," means much more than a social media post, laced with lavish filters and sparkling effects.

For Airman 1st Class Anne McCready, strengthening relationships is about comradery, support when the times are tough, and people to share moments of a lifetime with when times are good.

"Something told me as I drove through Laughlin's gates for the first time that it would be my home, not just a station I had to report to," she said. "Over time, I got to know the base, the people I worked with and the families of the community. Then I understood why it felt like home."

Coming from a small town in Alabama, McCready drew parallels between Laughlin, the neighboring community Del Rio, and her hometown at Ozark. When the rubber meets the road, and times becomes stressful, knowing she can depend on her teammates, friends, and church family helps her realize there is nothing too overwhelming.

"Knowing I have friends at Laughlin who care about me personally, and the small town atmosphere the base possesses can turn around a bad day for me," she said. "The familiar faces make a challenging mission into one I am happy to undertake."

Changing stations can be overwhelmingespecially when it's far away from family, familiar friends and the amenities one's grown accustomed to. McCready was no exception at first, but with a positive attitude and determination to know those around her, she eventually built a support network with friends that will last throughout her U.S. Air Force career.

"Laughlin isn't what you'd expect," she said. "There are a lot of gems to uncover here, like finding out the great Airmen you'll be working with, or fun places to visit nearby, or even a delicious place to eat you've never been to before."


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