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NAVSUP Headquarters Honors 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

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Story by Russell Stewart on 08/30/2019
Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) honored four new inductees to the NAVSUP Headquarters Hall of Fame in a ceremony onboard Naval Support Activity, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, August 27.

The inductees, Susan Bailey, Karen Meloy, Barbara Pearce and Booker T. Washington, were honored for their enduring contributions to naval supply and their fellow logisticians. Bailey was unable to attend and will be recognized at a later event.

"The NAVSUP Hall of Fame is our memorial to those who have contributed to our command, our Navy and our nation by their continuous and selfless efforts to sustain an ideal bigger than themselves," said NAVSUP Commander Rear Adm. Michelle Skubic.

The four inductees, all retired, were invited to return to headquarters and be honored with a formal ceremony and reception where former coworkers could congratulate them and share stories and memories.

The NAVSUP Headquarters Hall of Fame has one characteristic that sets it apart from other accolades; the very people witnessing the ceremony, nominated each of the inductees. Even years later, their impact, the memories of their guidance, mentorship, knowledge and team spirit, led them to be nominated.

Bailey's contributions during her 30 years at NAVSUP left a lasting legacy in NAVSUP's financial management procedures that continue to enable NAVSUP to repeatedly exceed the Department of the Navy's (DoN) standards for exceptional financial management. Her leadership helped establish a behavioral model to identify activity stovepipes, create new cross-functional relationships, and fully understand the intended and unintended consequences of decisions through collaboration and transparency.

Bailey mentored military and civilian financial managers, contributing to many of these employees advancing to senior leadership positions throughout NAVSUP and the DoN.

Meloy retired with 36 years of service to the NAVSUP Enterprise, 23 of those at NAVSUP Headquarters. In 2001, she was selected to the Senior Executive Service and retired in 2015 as the NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support vice commander. Her signature achievement was the development, design and deployment of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Single Supply Solution, which revolutionized logistics operations.

The Navy continues to use this platform today, and just last week, to increase the power of this tool throughout the Navy, ERP was migrated to the cloud, the largest Navy system to do so.

Pearce was a NAVSUP employee and important Supply Corps supporter from 1970 to 2003. She started at the Ships Parts Control Center October 1970, transitioned to the Public Affairs Office in 1971, and began working for NAVSUP Headquarters in 1996 when the command moved to Mechanicsburg from Crystal City, Virginia.

Her efforts created a lasting legacy of stakeholder goodwill, captured the base, NAVSUP and Navy Supply Corps history and enabled us to learn from the past and continue to grow and progress. Her extensive research created a vast treasury of historic archives the current Office of Corporate Communication relies upon heavily to this day.

Washington retired with 44 years of service to the NAVSUP Enterprise, 31 of those at NAVSUP Headquarters. He began his service in 1972, as an Inventory Manager. He has also been a System Analyst, and the Lead Navy Service Representative in the Joint Total Asset Visibility Program Management Office. He was instrumental in leading, expanding and improving asset visibility including the Commercial Asset Visibility programs for 16 years.

Beyond his work efforts, Washington was a key advisor and mentor to many with his knowledge, history and experience for over four decades of change.

"Our inductees' legacies will continue to influence and inspire us as we carry the torch to sustain the Navy's essential work here in Mechanicsburg, and around the world," Skubic concluded.

Headquartered in Mechanicsburg and employing a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel, NAVSUP's mission is to provide supplies, services, and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter.


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