Think Safety During Critical Days of Summer

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Story by Andrew Damstedt on 06/04/2018
Before heading out on the road, firing up the grill or spending time outdoors, there's a few safety tips the Naval Safety Center encourages Sailors and Marines to review in their annual "Critical Days of Summer" campaign.

The annual campaign is a reminder of the unique hazards that come up during the summer months and encourages a safety-first mindset.

Riding motorcycles is one of the increased summer activities and Naval Support Activity Bethesda Safety Manager Paul Phillips encourages riders to drive defensively and make sure they have the proper training completed before riding on base.

He also encouraged riding in bright colors to be easily seen.

The Naval Safety Center reported that 17 Sailors died in motorcycle related accidents between Memorial Day and Labor Day in 2017. Eight died in other traffic accidents and one fatality was reported as an off-duty/recreational activity.

Other safety tips Phillips had for the base community was to cross the street in designated crosswalks and know the heat index to avoid working outside in extreme heat. Stay hydrated when doing physical activity outside. He also encouraged people to be well rested before setting out on long road trips and alternate drivers.

More safety tips from the campaign:

Motorcycle Safety

Wear a helmet

Stay out of blind spots

All Sailors and Marines must complete a Basic Rider Course before operating a motorcycle; register for courses at www.navymotorcyclerider.com

Driving Safety

Don't drink and drive; call a cab or use ride-sharing application

Reduce in-vehicle distractions, don't text

Start every trip well-rested

Boating Safety

Don't overload

Watch your wake

Make sure crew and passengers wear U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device

Swim & Diving Safety

Swim with a partner

Never allow children to swim without adult supervision

Stay out of water during thunderstorms/severe weather

Never dive into shallow water

Summer Sports Safety

Warm up and stretch before activity

Stay hydrated

Use sunscreen

Limit physical activities during hot conditions

Postpone strenuous activities if temperatures exceed 90 degrees

Heat Illness

Know the signs of heat exhaustion that include nausea, extreme weakness, cramps or rapid breath

Heat stroke symptoms include chills, hallucinations, profuse sweating, high body temperature or confusion/dizziness

Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing

Camping Safety

Prepare safe food and water

Protect against carbon monoxide poisoning

Avoid wild animals

Safe Barbecuing

Keep grill outside and away from house, trees and deck railings

Never leave grill unattended and clean thoroughly

Start a gas grill with lid open

For more information, visit the Naval Safety Center website at go.usa.gov/xNkYX


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