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Malmstrom now offers incentive classes

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Story by A1C Tristan Truesdell on 02/21/2018
Malmstrom's Community Action Team, compromised of numerous installation helping agencies, developed an incentivized class program designed to increase attendance of already existing classes made to educate Airmen and their families.

These classes are taught by personnel from the base chapel, Airman Family and Readiness Center, Mental Health Clinic and Family Advocacy, Health Promotions and the Recovery Care Coordinator.

Classes consist of physical, mental, spiritual and social resilience of Airmen and their spouses.

Attendance is not mandatory, but an incentive is now offered if an individual takes these classes.

By attending eight classes, Airmen will receive a one-day pass from work from the wing commander.

Spouses of Airmen may also attend these classes and receive credit towards their military member's potential day off.

These classes are available to any individual with Department of Defense benefits or base access.


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