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Trident Refit Facility Kings Bay Fall Hiring Event

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Story by Kimberly Menzies on 08/06/2019
KINGS BAY, Ga. - Trident Refit Facility (TRIREFFAC) at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, will be hosting a hiring event. The hiring event will be held Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the Camden County Recreation Center (behind Camden County High School) in Kingsland, Ga.

TRIREFFAC has been granted a temporary Direct Hire Authority established under The National Defense Authorization Act of fiscal year 2017. This initiative allows TRIREFFAC and other DoD entities to appoint qualified candidates directly to positions without going through the traditional competitive examining process.

Open positions cover a wide range of disciplines, from electricians and mechanics to quality assurance specialists. If you are a job seeker and possess some experience or hands-on technical training, you are encouraged to apply. The following trades will be recruited for:

Non Destructive Testing Inspector (NDT) WG-3705
Quality Assurance Specialist GS-1910
Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanics WG-5803
Civil Engineer GS-0810
Shipfitter WG-3820
Machinists WG-3414
Marine Machinery Mechanics WG-5334
Electricians WG-2805
Riggers WG-5210
Crane Operator (Rigging) WG-5725
Industrial Equipment Mechanic WG-5352
Material Handler WG-6907
Optical Instrument Repairer WG-3306
Composite Fabricator WG-4352
Electronics Mechanic WG-2604
Electronics Integrated Systems Mechanic WG-2610

Detailed information about each job can be found online by visiting opm.gov, or Trident Refit Facility's Facebook page. Be sure to include details about the specific skills, hands-on training, or practical experience related to an occupation in your resume. Resumes should be descriptive in nature and provide as much clarifying information as possible. Bullet format is not recommended.

MANDATORY Requirements:
Must be a U.S. citizen. (Proof of Citizenship may be required)
Males 18-25 years old MUST be registered for Selective Service to apply for federal positions.
Must be 18 years of age prior to your report date (first day at work).
Required to be able to obtain and maintain appropriate background investigation or security clearance.
Appointment will be contingent upon passing a physical examination and drug test if position requires.

Additional Information:
All job vacancies are open to the general public.
No military commitment is required for these civilian positions.
Some positions may be deemed drug testing designated positions and require participation in random drug testing.
Employee may be required to drive a motor vehicle. A valid driver's license may be required for the position.
Employees are required to maintain current certifications depending on occupation and work area.
Some positions will require Positive Education requirements (Degree), be prepared to show applicable paperwork.

Interviews will be conducted on site. Tentative job offers will be made the day of or the following day.

If selected, you will complete necessary hiring forms, be scheduled for a physical, drug test if required, and complete an initial background check and security paperwork.

Questions concerning the hiring event should be submitted to
TRF.JOBS.fct@navy.mil. Resumes may also be submitted for future vacancy consideration.

The mission of TRIREFFAC is to continue safely providing unparalleled maintenance and logistics support to the Nation's submarine force of SSBNs, SSGNs, and SSNs.


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