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Fort Lee Civilian Spotlight: Linda Flock

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Story by Terrance Bell on 07/10/2019
Position: Library technician

Place of duty: Fort Lee Community Library (second floor, Army Logistics University)

Hometown: Tri-Cities area

Time in service: 21 years (all at Fort Lee)

Duties: "I oversee a staff of three and all of the library activities for patrons, such as the summer reading program."

Do you volunteer? "I do. I am here eight hours a day, but I volunteer for the night programs that we offer."

Your greatest achievement: "Being able to meet all the wonderful people retirees, veterans, active duty military members and family members I've connected with over the years. The opportunity to support them in some way."

One life-changing moment: "I have two grandchildren. You always dream of being a parent as a woman. The birth of a child is life-changing to every woman and not that over the top, but when I held my first granddaughter for the first time, I was never the same person. I had this deep appreciation for her life and this feeling I was part of the reason for her being. I felt this big responsibility to ensure this child would be perfect in everything she did. It's something I haven't gotten over til this day. I've seen her grow. She's 20, and she's an amazing young lady. She is an equestrian and has done horse shows all her life. She has trophies and ribbons and she was in 4H. She topped out in everything, and when I saw her at these shows, she rode with such pride. It would take me back to when I first held her. I knew she was going to be great."

When and where you were the happiest: "There's no particular time or place, but I have to say when I'm learning and everyone else is learning."

Pet peeve: "Dishonesty."

The talent you would most like to have: "Being able to sing. I think I can knock birds out of flight when I sing. It's funny because I do sing to my children (in the reading programs), and bless their hearts, they think I'm a good singer. That's how I know they love me (smile)."

Favorite quote: "Do unto other as you would have them do unto you."
Dream car: "A Lexus. It doesn't have to be top-of-the-line. It just has to be a Lexus."

If you could do anything, anywhere right now, what and where would that be? "Making a difference here at Fort Lee."

Something people would be surprised to know about you: "Alone time' is very important to me."

Greatest fear: "Letting someone down."

A celebrity worth meeting: "(Hip hop artist) Cardi B she appeals to me because, up until now, she didn't have a life of glitz and glamour. Also, she has a beautiful child, she is a wonderful mother and is family oriented. That resonates with me."

The person you most admire: "My father, James Franklin Adams. He raised me and taught me all the values. One was You don't love with your eyes; you love with your heart.'"

What you love most about your job: "I love helping. People don't go looking through a library like they're shopping; they're coming in here for information, and I'm hungry to know what they're looking for and hungry to provide help."

What you most dislike about your job: "When the books I ordered don't arrive in a timely manner."

What you expect from leaders: "Guidance."

What you expect from peers and coworkers: "Teamwork."

Your role models: "My leadership. They've provided me the opportunities to learn."

Your future plans: "I do have a bucket list: I would like to see the Grand Canyon, zip-line in The Congo and travel whenever it suits me."


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