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Singapore Military Community Celebrates Month of the Military Child

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Story by PO3 Christopher Veloicaza on 04/20/2018
SINGAPORE (NNS) April is designated as the Month of the Military Child and the Singapore Area Coordinator (SAC) community celebrates this by recognizing the sacrifices made by children around the world while underscoring the important role military children play in the U.S. Armed Forces community.

The Child and Youth Program (CYP) in Singapore is making strides in spreading awareness about the month-long celebration and the continuous efforts for military children to thrive no matter how small the community.

A carnival is slated to take place at the CYP school-house, April 21, to further celebrate the resiliency and capacity to overcome the most challenging of obstacles from children in the Singapore military community.

"Let's take this one day of the year and say thank you to our children for putting up with the endless days of living out of a suitcase, starting a new school yet again, finding new friends to play with and ultimately having to say good bye every three to four years, as members of the military community," said Elizabeth Cummings, CYP Assistant. "Join us in celebrating the sacrifices that they must also make."

April 26 is "Purple Up Day," encouraging all in the community to wear Purple in support for our military children. Purple symbolizes the combined colors of all branches of the U.S. military; Army green, Coast Guard blue, Air Force blue, Marine red, and Navy blue.

"As they have no choice in their parent's military obligation, children are often rendered without a choice of their own," Cummings said. "Many times they find themselves changing both their home and school lives on the drop of a dime. Children usually are not consulted when the government says it's time to move again."

For the Singapore CYP, the main goal this month is to raise awareness among the community.

"We believe this celebration will make the children feel appreciated and honored for their sacrifices," Cummings added. "Hopefully it will raise awareness among our community and share the appreciation for all the children whose parents are serving in our military."


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