Bomber families come together for Month of the Military Child

Story by A1C Nicolas Erwin on 04/12/2018 Whether it is from the off and on deployments taking away precious time between a parent and child or the short-lived homes a family may stay at, being a part of a military family can be difficult. To highlight the courage and sacrifice
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Partner at work, partner at home

Story by SrA Denise Jenson on 04/10/2018 It was a normal shift on patrol at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina. The sun was just starting to peak over the flight line, and while most Airmen were asleep, two Airmen were preparing for a shift change. "The first time we
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B-1s deploy to Centcom

Story by SrA Randahl Jenson on 04/04/2018 ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. The 28th Bomb Wing deployed B-1s, Airmen and support equipment to Al Udied Air Base, Qatar, to fly missions in U.S. Central Command. Aircrews, maintenance and support personnel from Ellsworth Air Force Base will execute sorties providing multi-role
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Feel the CBRNE

Story by SrA Randahl Jenson on 04/02/2018 "Alarm Red, MOPP level four!" the instructor yells to 30 students as he studies their reactions. The class of Airmen, noncommissioned officers and officers hastily apply their mission oriented protective posture gear. After carefully tightening their protective masks, donning hoods and pulling o
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Bomber bros: taking the (atomic) Adams family to a new height

Story by A1C Nicolas Erwin on 03/30/2018 In the military, the wingman concept has evolved in meaning from its initial concept of jets flying alongside each other to what it is now: people who support each other on-and off-duty. For two bomber Airmen, wingmanship has an additional meaning: brotherhood. Capt.
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Ellsworth offers childcare opportunities through CDC, FCC homes

Story by A1C Thomas Karol on 03/27/2018 Finding childcare can be anxiety inducing, but when the provider is certified, highly-trained and continuously monitored to ensure standards are met, it can put a parent's mind at ease. Family Child Care homes and the McRaven Child Development Center are two childcare optio
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