ESG 3 hosts Shore Power 2019

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Story by PO2 Michael Lee on 07/22/2019
SAN DIEGO (July 18, 2019) Expeditionary Strike Group THREE (ESG 3) hosted Shore Power 2019 at the Naval Base San Diego theater July 18.

The brief emphasized the importance of preventive safety actions and adherence to procedures in handling shore-power connections.

While pierside, connecting shore-power cables provide naval ships with electrical power while main and auxiliary engines are shut down. The inherent risks of handling ship-to-shore power connections and frequent updates to preventive maintenance led to the establishment of annual training and assessments to support waterfront personnel.

"We are working hard to develop the annual shore power training curriculum that will enhance and improve safety on the rigging and unrigging of ship's shore power cables," said Capt. Robert Bailey, assistant chief of staff for logistics and readiness for ESG 3. "Direct feedback and participation in the training process by those on the waterfront is a requirement to help ensure we teach Sailors the necessary skills to succeed in the fleet."

Feedback from the event will provide the surface fleet with critical data to simplify and update preventive maintenance across the fleet to minimize the risk to Sailors and waterfront personnel handling electrical cables.

"ESG 3 is soliciting continuous feedback from the fleet in order to ensure the right message is being sent in the right format," said Bailey.

Technical experts from Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CNSP); Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC); and Readiness Assist Training Team (RATT) used videos, lectures and demonstrations to emphasize the importance of effective engineering leadership of electrical division personnel involved in shore power handling evolutions.

Following the lectures and demonstrations, Sailors and engineers engaged with technical experts to answer questions regarding current safety issues, updates to preventive maintenance, and proper tools and equipment usage.

"The shore power training, this year, was a reminder of why as a fleet we cannot have complacency," said Jerry Brugger, Maintenance and Materials Management (3M) program assessments branch head for CNSP. "We are reminding Sailors that shore power is electrical, and electrical is dangerous,"

ESG 3 comprises three amphibious squadrons, eight naval support elements and 15 amphibious warships comprised of more than 15,000 active duty and reserve Sailors and Marines. The mission of ESG 3 is to serve as the command element for Marine expeditionary brigade-level expeditionary operations as commander of an amphibious task force.

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