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New solar array added to Hill AFB power grid

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Story by Richard Essary on 07/01/2019
Seven months ahead of schedule, officials at Hill Air Force Base unveiled a ground-mounted solar array connected to the base's electric grid.

Nick King, base energy manager, said power generated by the new array will be used as it is produced. In addition, it will provide Hill AFB with increased energy production that will be particularly useful during peak electrical consumption periods during the summer months.

The system was installed by Indiana-based Energy System's Group. The new solar array will produce 17 times more energy than the base's existing array that was built 10 years ago.

The array was installed through an energy savings performance contract, which means there is no upfront costs to the government. The contractor finances the project, in this case for a 23-year term, and is compensated through the proven savings and guaranteed performance of the project.

Energy Systems Group will maintain and operate the system for the term of the agreement.


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