Weekly Rundown: February 29th – March 6th, 2020
Hero Image: This Week in Military News (Weekly Rundown)Hero Image: This Week in Military News (Weekly Rundown)

Weekly Rundown: February 29th – March 6th, 2020

Welcome to the first Weekly Rundown of the new and improved MyBaseGuide. This was, of course, a regular feature on our old site. But we’re excited to present our first one post-relaunch. As always, we begin with our . . .

Military News Recap

A quick recap of the major US military news stories from the last week:

Taliban Peace Negotiation

The United States signed a peace deal with the Taliban this past weekend, potentially marking the beginning of the end of America’s longest war. In the agreement, the US agreed to lower troop numbers in the country to around 8,600, the same as were there at the time President Obama left office, by the end of summer. Remaining US troops will eventually be removed, provided terrorist organizations do not flourish within the country.

War in Afghanistan

The sense of relief felt by some after the signing of the peace deal was undercut when Taliban forces conducted dozens of attacks against Afghan Government forces across the country. One of which was repelled with the assistance of an American airstrike.

New Navy Secretary

The White House officially announced President Trump’s next nominee for Secretary of the Navy: retired Vice Admiral and current Ambassador to Norway Kenneth Braithwaite.

New Air Force Chief

Also in nomination news, General Charles Q. Brown received one to become the next Air Force Chief of Staff. If approved, he will be the first African-American to hold the position.

Iran Nuclear Program

As tensions with Iran continue to simmer, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that the country may now have enough enriched uranium to construct a nuclear weapon.

DoD Leak

Mariam Thompson, a Department of Defense linguist, is charged with leaking highly sensitive information, including the identities of undercover informants, to a member of the Lebanese government with ties to Hezbollah.

Turkey and Russia in Syria

After several days of intense fighting between Turkish forces and the Russian-backed military of the Syrian government, Turkey and Russia signed a ceasefire. The two sides hope to deconflict potential direct clashes between their troops on the complicated battlefields of the ongoing Syrian Civil War

Space Force Specialties

The United States Space Force announced the first 16 military specialties its future personnel will belong to. See any that interest you?

First Female USMC Gun Chiefs

The Marines announced that Corporals Julianna Yakovac and Shannon Lilly recently graduated from the howitzer section chief course to become the first women in the branch qualified to lead gun crews. Semper Fi, Devil Dogs. You’ll do Saint Barbara proud.


In Case You Missed It

Our first This Week in Military History on the relaunched MyBaseGuide Blog also debuted this week. And it told the tale of another, far more historic first: the B-50 bomber Lucky Lady II’s nonstop aerial circumnavigation of the globe.

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