Some of the Best Temporary and Part-Time Jobs for Veterans
Some of the Best Temporary and Part-Time Jobs for VeteransSome of the Best Temporary and Part-Time Jobs for Veterans

Some of the Best Temporary and Part-Time Jobs for Veterans

Let’s face facts, it’s a pretty tough job market at the moment. While plenty of companies still hire veterans a lot, there are still many former service members struggling to find a job. Particularly in these uncertain times, when layoffs and economic troubles go hand in hand with a host of other unfortunate headlines. Whether you’re a newly separated vet, one who just lost a job, or one looking to transition from a previous civilian career, the gap between today and your next full-time gig can feel daunting. But a great way to make some money, keep your resume gap-less, and build up some good experiences is with temporary or part-time jobs.

Now, you may not think that a lot of places near you hire for temp/part-time jobs. Especially given the health situation around the United States of late. But some major companies are actually stepping up this kind of employment. And they may be great fits for any veterans looking for a short-term gig.


It may come as no surprise that the world’s largest private employer is adding 150,000 temporary employees as quickly as it can. From cashiers to warehouse workers to stockers and more, Walmart wants to staff up for a myriad of roles through the spring. Many of these part-time jobs expire in May, but some could become permanent. So this opportunity could potentially go from stopgap to full-time if that interests you.


Big pharmacy chains are more important than ever to everyday Americans as the need for basic medical supplies (and snack food) skyrockets along with quarantine orders. So it’s no wonder that CVS Health plans to hire 50,000 new employees. The jobs include delivery personnel, customer service reps, and distribution center workers. There are part-time, full-time, temporary, and permanent positions available.

Dollar Tree

One of the largest chain of mega-discount stores across the country, Dollar Tree (which also owns Family Dollar) wants to fill 25,000 jobs right away. Both full-time and part-time jobs are available, all the way up to store manager positions, at thousands of locations. They’re also offering time-flexible gigs as cashiers and stockers. So this could be a great way to keep your schedule adjustable while working away.

Dollar General

Not to be outdone by their competitor, this other major discount goods chain is doing their part to hire folks in these dire days. Dollar General plans to hire 50,000 temporary workers in the coming days to work at their 16,300+ stores. And with locations and positions in every corner of 45 states, it’s real easy to find a job close to you pretty much wherever you are.


Another mammoth company looking to hire a commensurate amount of temporary workers. 100,000, to be exact. Many of these positions, from warehouse workers to delivery drivers, are part-time. But others may be full-time for those looking for a more robust work schedule. And Amazon is raising its hourly wages by $2 for its hourly workers to boot. So even their temporary workers will see a much needed bump in pay.

Pizza Chains

Pizza may not be a literal cure-all, but there are few comfort foods as universally comforting as a tasty, cheesy slice. And you can help bring this kind of comfort to people all over the country by taking one of the over 50,000 jobs being offered by three of the biggest pizza delivery chains. Pizza Hut announced they’re looking to fill 30,000 new roles. Papa Johns wants to add 20,000 new employees. And Domino’s, the largest pizza seller in the world, announced a wave of new hirings though they have yet to specify a number. With openings all over the country, one of these could be the perfect fit for any veteran who loves pizza and paychecks.

None of these may sound like your dream career, and that’s perfectly understandable. They certainly don’t have to be. But for anyone looking for some decent income and a chance to get some work in, they’re definitely worth considering. A solid temporary or part-time job is a great way for any veteran to stay afloat in tough times.

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