Weekly Rundown: December 21 – 27, 2019

Weekly Rundown: December 21 – 27, 2019

News Recap

A quick review of the major military related headlines from the last week:


SFC Michael Goble, US ArmySFC Goble was on his fourth tour when he was killed in action this past Monday.


  • Army Sergeant 1st Class Michael Goble, a Green Beret with the 7th Special Forces Group, was killed in action by a Taliban roadside bomb. He is the 17th American killed in combat in Afghanistan this year.
  • Guantanamo Bay’s controversial detainment center will remain open and continue to house the 40 remaining detainees therein for at least the next year.
  • The Pentagon is considering a major drawdown of military forces in Africa, including all personnel manning a $110 million airbase that was completed just last month. There are currently over 6,000 US troops in Africa conducting operations against militant and terrorist organizations there.
  • DoD personnel have been advised to refrain from using mail-in genealogy kits. Some senior personnel have expressed their worries about these services in the past, but this is the first official memo naming them as potential security risks.
  • A rocket attack at an airbase in Kirkuk, Iraq has reportedly wounded an Iraqi and an American contractor.
  • Iran’s navy began a series of joint military drills alongside Russian and Chinese forces today. The operations are taking place in the Gulf of Oman through December 30th.

Iranian naval vessels during a 2012 exercise.Iranian Navy vessels during an exercise several years ago.


In Case You Missed It

This Week in Military History: Walking across the Bridge of No Return might sound like a creepy prospect, but the crew of the USS Pueblo could not have been more relieved to do it on December 23rd of 1968. Because how else are you gonna get out of North Korea?

Crewmen of the USS Pueblo entering South Korea.Crewmen of the USS Pueblo being welcomed into South Korea.


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