Weekly Rundown: December 7 – 13, 2019

Weekly Rundown: December 7 – 13, 2019

News Recap

A quick review of the major military related headlines from the last week:

Mohammed S. Haitham, Joshua K. Watson and Cameron S. Walters, left to right.US Navy Airman Mohammed S. Haitham, Ensign Joshua K. Watson and Airman Cameron S. Walters (left to right), the three sailors killed at Pensacola last week, were posthumously awarded their gold wings. All three are credited with sacrificing their lives attempting to stop the shooter thereby preventing even more casualties.

U.S. Air Force airmen work together to clear debris inside the passenger terminal the day after a Taliban-led attack at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, Dec. 12, 2019. (Airman 1st Class Brandon Cribelar/Air Force)Airmen clearing debris inside Bagram’s passenger terminal the day after the recent Taliban attack. Photo Credit: Airman 1st Class Brandon Cribelar, US Air Force.

The Admiral Kuznetsov on fire at a dry dock in Murmansk.Admiral Kuznetsov on fire at a dry dock in Murmansk, Russia.

In Case You Missed It

This Week in Military History: It was a bleak day in December when Japanese torpedo bombers sank a US Navy vessel in a surprise attack that shocked the world. Not the one you’re thinking of, though. Because the USS Panay was attacked in 1937.

The USS Panay sinks in the Yangtze River, 1937.

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