Gold Star Mother’s Day to be observed this Sunday

Gold Star Mother’s Day to be observed this Sunday

The last September in Sunday has a special designation many Americans may not be aware of. This year, Sept. 24 will be Gold Star Mother’s Day, a time to recognize and honor those who have lost a son or daughter while serving the United States Armed Forces.

The symbol of the gold star grew from the tradition of military families hanging a service flag in a window of their home — a blue star denoting a living member and a gold star signifying a family member lost in service. To observe this day, which is usually marked by a presidential proclamation, the nation is called to display the U.S. flag and to express our sympathies and gratitude toward Gold Star Mothers and their families.

As you pause to remember these families’ sacrifice, take a moment to listen to this special cover version of “Hallelujah” rededicated to our military veterans. Sailor Jerri, a musician and also a Navy veteran, wrote the new lyrics and sings on this hauntingly sweet version of this classic Leonard Cohen song. We challenge you to make it to the end of her song with a dry eye.

According to Sailor Jerri, “Mothers are listening and remembering their sons, wives connect better with their combat veterans because of this song, daughters listen to it and remember their dads, and men and women who wear or have worn the uniform listen to it and remember people they have lost.”

To all Gold Star Mothers and their families, we honor and respect your contributions, commitments and sacrifices this special day and every day. For more information about this observance, visit the website of American Gold Star Mothers Inc.


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