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Edition 2 Volume 1 – Travel Link

Edition 2 Volume 1 – Travel Link

63rd RSC Defense Travel Newsletter

May 8, 2017 (Edition 2, Volume 1)

The revised and reorganized JTR is now available (published 1 May 2017). This new framework includes revised Chapters 1-3 covering general travel policies, standard allowances, TDY travel, and Government-Funded Leave. It will replace the old Chapters 1-4 and 7. These revised chapters use plain language and standardized terminology, and include extensive use of if/then tables to explain all possible travel permutations in place of long paragraphs. It is important to note that the policies contained in the May 2017 JTR cover all of the travel authorities that it does today. No policies will change but may be rearranged according to the new framework and/or rewritten to ease understanding. These changes are part of the first phase of the Defense Travel Management Office’s effort to simplify policy and make the JTR easier to navigate, easier to understand, and shorter in length. Subsequent phases will address the remaining chapters and appendices. A preview version of the revised JTR will be available as part of the approved Uniform Travel Determination (UTD)/Civilian Travel Determination (CTD) 105- 16R – Revised JTR 2017. It will be posted to the Notable Travel Policy Changes webpage once it is officially signed and can be used to update any JTR paragraph references in publications and training materials.

Travel Card Reminders

Travel Card/IBA Cardholder Training. When an individual receives a travel card for the first time, it is mandatory that they complete the “Program & Policies – Travel Card 101” training course that is available on the DTMO TraX. Cardholders will ensure a copy of their certificate of completion is retained by the APC or that it can be obtained from the TraX website. Refresher training (along with re- signing the SOU) is required every three (3) years and may be completed using the “Program & Policies – Travel Card 101” course.
Refresher training and the updated SOU will be submitted to the APC for record. Any questions on the training requirements, contact the LDTA.

Government Travel Card FAQ Section

Who should a cardholder contact when their government travel charge card is declined or if they have issues and questions about their GTC account?

The Cardholder should contact the Agency Program Coordinator (APC) directly for assistance. The APC is responsible for supporting the organization’s day-to-day operation for the DOD Travel Card. Should the cardholder be unable to reach the APC, they may contact the CITI Customer Service at (800) 200-7056 or outside the United States, call collect (757) 852-9076, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the credit limit for a DOD Government Travel Card?

The type of account determines the credit limit amount. There are two types of Individually Billed Accounts (IBA). Standard and Restricted. The default credit limit is $7500 for a Standard account while a Restricted is
$4000. Limits are set based on the applicant’s credit worthiness or credit score. Contact the Agency Program Coordinator (APC) to verify what type of card you have. The APC can also adjust the default credit limits to meet official travel mission needs to no more than 12 months for Standard and 6 months for Restricted.

Did you Know?

That the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) allows the traveler to provide a statement in lieu of actual receipts when it is impossible to furnish the actual receipts. The statement must include explanation of the circumstances and must contain information such as the service provider, date of service rendered, itemized cost, total amount due and total amount due that was paid. Any questions on the policy, contact your Approving Official/Reviewing Official or the command Lead Defense Travel Administrator for more details.

Any questions/Comments: Contact your Command LDTA
Mr. Amado M. Castro Jr. @ (650) 526-9701 / amado.m.castro.civ@mail.mil

Travel Related support is available in the following:
Travel Management Center (TMC)/Formerly CTO Los Alamitos, CA: (800) 828-8712 Travel Assistance Center (TAC): (888) 435-7146 (Option 3)/ Manned 24/7
Government Travel Card (CITI Bank): (800) 200-7056
GSA City Pair Website: https://cpsearch.fas.gsa.gov/cpsearch/search E-Invoice download:

The Travel Link is Quarterly Newsletter provided by your 63D RSC LDTA to provide updates and information regarding the DoD Travel Program.

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