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Army Reserve Ambassadors

Army Reserve Ambassadors


U.S. Army Reserve Ambassadors provide strategic outreach, advocacy, and advisory support to Army Reserve units, Soldiers, and Families throughout the Country.

Ambassadors are considered special government employees who represent the Chief of the Army Reserve without salary, wages or related benefits. Their function is similar to civilian aides to the Secretary of the Army, and they carry a protocol status equivalent of a Major General.

Ambassadors build relationships and strive to improve the understanding and knowledge of the Army Reserve within the business and social sectors of communities across America.

They help to educate the public, community leaders, and congressional staff offices about the capabilities and values of the Army Reserve and the Soldiers who live and work in their communities.

Army Reserve Ambassadors can assist you in many ways:

First, by telling the Army Reserve Story to elected officials, military service clubs, community leaders, and social sectors to ensure the AR contributions, value, and resourcing needs are acknowledged and supported.

Second, they support and advance the CAR’s Private-Public Partnership Initiative, which helps sustain our force.

Third, they use their experience and influential status in advocating for Soldiers and Families in a variety of capacities.

Fourth, they partner with USAREC and Cadet Command to ensure the AR gets quality junior leaders for the future.

Finally, Ambassadors provide strategic outreach by opening many doors and often gaining hard-to-get access to important information, services, and benefits to advance and sustain the members of the Army Reserve Family.

Leaders, please reach out to our Ambassadors and invite them to your major organizational and training events such as YTBs, Mobilization and De-Mobilization ceremonies, Yellow Ribbon Events, and Family Support Activities. Together you can increase your community’s awareness, understanding, and support of the Army Reserve.

Army Reserve Ambassador Regional Coordinator
Katherine Bissonette, PhD
608-388- 0331


Shawn Graves sted78@comcast.net
James Sherman ShermanJ_T@msn.com


Dianne Nordhaus dianne.nordhaus@gmail.com
Joseph Eyre eyrejoebon@northrim.net


William Hawes wjhawes@sbcglobal.net
John W. Newman VJNewman21@yahoo.com


Doug Gibbens douggibbens@att.net
Joseph Lampert jflampe@pike.k12.in.us
John Topper jt1@psci.net


Gary Wattnem gwattnem@gmail.com


Mick Allen Mallen@eaglecom.net
Michael Symanski mwsymanski@gmail.com


Mel Bauman artelb@sbcglobal.net
Paul DeSander pauldesander@charter.net


James Lundell james.lundell@frontiernet.net
Thomas Haugo thaugo@bachmans.com
Steven Carter swcarter77@gmail.com


Roger Layman rlayman48@embarqmail.com
Danny Baldwin dbaldwin@kcp.com
Bill Hammerschmidt colhammerschmidt@gmail.com


James Mariska jamarisk1@gmail.com


Stephen Tellatin sftellatin@gmail.com

North Dakota

Robert Black eagle6680@gmail.com


John Lendrum jlendrum@nciprecast.com
Terry Klinker terryklinker.2@gmail.com


Dennis Klein MGDeK1964@aol.com
Curtis Loop curt.loop@yahoo.com
Daniel Hitchcock DFHitchcock@canby.com

South Dakota

Robert Perez rgperez@live.com


Rick Folkerson rickf@kengarff.com
Paul Swenson pauls@colonialflage.com


Fred Aronow fredjacciaronow@q.com
Stan Flemming stanflemming@hotmail.com
Mary Miller marymyak@aol.com


Gerald Meyer jmeyer3131@aol.com
John Gessner john.a.gessner.ctr@mail.mil
Bill Bissonette csmbissonette@gmail.com


Barry Gasdek barrygasdek@yahoo.com

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