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As the Historian of the 88th RSC, my mission is to support the Army Reserve units in the 88th RSC 19-state region with their historical programs.

I can do this by assisting units in obtaining their lineage certificates and statement of Service as well as unit history.

I also provide support for USAR history presentations to units or for community support, either by giving the presentation or assisting the unit with event preparation.

Historical presentations can include WWI, Civilian Conservation Corps, WWII, Korean War, Berlin Crisis, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Shield, Bosnia, Kosovo, and the War on Terror, as well as various exercises and humanitarian missions.

I also provide assistance with historical displays and the proper care of artifacts and historical property. Please give me a call if your unit is reorganizing, moving, or inactivating.

Some commands have Military History Detachments and additional duty historians. I can provide guidance and training for these individuals at BA or AT.

One area which is related to unit history is unit reunions. It has been over 10 years since mobilizations began for the War on Terror and 25 years since Operation Desert Storm. I can assist with your unit reunion.

Finally, I conduct and provide training for exit and historical interviews. The story of Soldiers who have been in a unit a long time or have held important positions should be captured to preserve the history of the unit and the USAR.

Historians can assist with:
  • Lineage and Honors Certificate
  • Unit history and reunions
  • Mobilization documentation
  • USAR historical presentations
  • Artifacts and historical property
  • Historical Officer & MHD Training
  • Unit annual history
  • Exit and Historical interviews
  • Historical records
  • Historical inquires

Did You Know?

When a unit mobilizes, it is required to send back materials about its mobilization. I can assist units to perform this duty properly from the outset. Send me what materials you still have for inclusion in the historical record. I also provide guidance and support for those individuals who have the task of compiling their unit’s annual history.

Points of Contact

88th RSC Historian
Ward E. Zischke


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