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Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention

Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention

Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention


The SHARP Program’s mission is to reduce with an aim toward eliminating sexual offenses within the Army through cultural change, prevention, intervention, investigation, accountability, advocacy/response, assessment, and training to sustain the AllVolunteer Force.

On 2 June 2014, the Chief of Staff, Army, directed the implementation of a Sexual Harassment, Assault Response and Prevention Resource Center Pilot Program.

The prevention of and response to sexual assault and harassment continues to be one of the CSA’s top priorities. As a result, our goal is to reduce and ultimately eliminate these crimes from our ranks. The pursuit of that goal requires our Army to be flexible and open to new ideas and approaches.

The SHARP Program is focused on identifying problems at the earliest level (sexual innuendo and harassment) and dealing with that problem head-on before it evolves into sexual assault.

SHARP also focuses on the need for bystanders to Intervene, Act and Motivate (I. AM. STRONG).

Soldiers are expected to change the norm and take action early to combat the enemy within our ranks.

Rather than focus on victims reactively, we must focus on potential offenders early – in the harassment stage – proactively. NO MORE INNOCENT BYSTANDERS! We are a profession of Arms and we need to police each other up!

Under the Department of Defense’s Confidentiality Policy, sexual assault victims are offered two reporting options: restricted reporting and unrestricted reporting. While DoD prefers unrestricted reporting of sexual assaults to activate law enforcement actions, it recognizes that some victims desire only medical, legal, advocate, and support services and no command or law enforcement involvement.

DoD’s first priority is to protect the victims; treat them with dignity and respect; and to provide them with the medical treatment, legal assistance, victim assistance, care and counseling they deserve.

Special Victim Counsel Program

Sexual Assault is absolutely unacceptable, but the ugly truth is that it happens. In order to help in the fight against Sexual Assault, the Army recently implemented the Special Victim Counsel Program (SVCP), which addresses the reality that victims of sexual assaults often have special interests that are unique to the prosecution of this type of crime.

The SVC services are available to Soldiers, their adult Family members, and other Service members in cases where the offender is a Soldier. These victims are eligible even if the offense took place offpost and was committed by a civilian, and services are available regardless of whether a victim chooses to file an unrestricted or restricted report. SVCs will diligently argue for the best interests of victims of sexual assault while also maintaining complete confidentiality and ensuring the attorney-client privilege.

If you are a victim of a sexual assault and would like to speak with the SVC servicing Fort McCoy, please call the 24/7 Sexual Assault Hotline at (608) 388-5000 or the SHARP office at (608) 388-0315 and an appointment will be set up for you.

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