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Brig. Gen. Horn Announces Annual Awards Winners

Brig. Gen. Horn Announces Annual Awards Winners

Story by Lt. Col. Alyson Teeter on 02/21/2019

Evergreen Airmen,

I regret that we couldn’t honor each of these nominees and winners at our Annual Awards Banquet, but safety of our Airmen took priority. It is with great privilege to announce this year’s WA ANG Outstanding Airmen of the Year nominees and state award winners for the following categories:

141st Nominee SrA Brittany R. Clark
194th Nominee SSgt Jeffrey J. Andrews
225TH Nominee SrA Zachary W. Fleet

State Winner SSgt Jeffrey Andrews, 194th Intel Squadron. ThenSrA Andrews was the first Airman in 194 IS history to obtain 10 qualifications and certifications across 7 mission areas. He was the sole certified Airman trainer on advanced target development software and first imagery system certified trainer. SrA Andrews weaponereed 6 targets, resulting in 2 successful air strikes and exploited 8 targets for INDOPACOM. He also completed his Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt.

141st Nominee SSgt Tylor R. Domino
194th Nominee SSgt Jeffrey S. Williams
225TH Nominee SSgt Jared S. Denton

State Winner SSgt Jeffrey Williams, 116th Air Support Operations Squadron. SSgt Williams deployed to Afghanistan, as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller, where he synced 335 air missions into the 1Star
commander’s ground plan. He enabled security across 78K square miles, securing the Kandahar Air Base ground defense area. Jeff controlled 100 lifesaving missions to eliminate 60 enemy and destroy 18 weapons caches and 12 vehicles, protecting the lives of 18,000 Soldiers. SSgt Williams controlled the firstever F35 combat mission which neutralized a bomber cell and 150 explosive vests.

141st Nominee MSgt Eric F. Gustafson
194th Nominee SMSgt Cory M. Welton
225TH Nominee MSgt Angela S. Haynes

State Winner SMSgt Cory Welton, 116th Air Support Operations Squadron. SMSgt Welton deployed to Afghanistan, where he led 16 Airmen in an Army 1Star Headquarters. He oversaw 523 airpower
missions, eliminating 291 enemy, 92 weapons caches and 41 vehicles, protecting 18,000 Coalition Soldiers. Cory enabled 36 casualty evacuation missions by controlling 30 hours of air support to protect the force, recovering 122 Afghan Soldiers.

First Sergeant:
141st Nominee & State Winner SMSgt Shane M. Tuck, 141st Mission Support Group. SMSgt Tuck was the top Airmen advocate, supporting Airmen deploying for wartime assignments, Washington wildfires and hurricane support. He responded to five family emergencies. SMSgt Tuck also led 25 honor guard ceremonies. Shane is a trusted leader who established the 141 MSG’s “rock of the wing” mindset, keeping morale & culture at top performance levels

Honor Guard Member:
141st Nominee & State Winner MSgt Jodi M. Kranches, 256th Intel Squadron. MSgt Kranches selflessly volunteered personal time, sacrificing 8 weekends with zero details cancelled. She dedicated nearly 100 hours to participate in 24 ceremonies and led over 10 parade events for
the local community. Jodi’s crisp, sharp, motionless appearance distinguished her as a top performer on the Honor Guard team. She was handpicked to serve with Active Duty Honor Guard team.

Production Recruiter & Retainer:
TSgt Dustin A. Woodford. TSgt Woodford masterfully recruited the most people into the Washington Air National Guard for FY18 with 49 accessions. He singlehandedly enlisted 28 JTACs into the Air Support Operations Group, increasing the 116th Air Support Operations Squadron from 87% to 97% while having time to devote to fill the Cyber domain with 11 new Cyber warriors and increasing their manning by 2%.

Recruiting & Retention Manager:
MSgt Alexander A. Barajas. During FY18, MSgt Barajas led a team of 4 recruiters and 2 brand ambassadors, achieving 122 accessions and bolstering 7 units to 100% strength. His leadership also led to a 2% increase in Wing End Strength, a 2% increase in Effective Manning and 1% increase in State End Strength.

Company Grade Officer:
141st Nominee Capt Jeffrey M. McElroy
194th Nominee Capt Damarces L. Sharkey
225TH Nominee Capt Marvin Yamada, Jr.

State Winner Capt Jeffrey McElroy, 141st Wing Staff. Capt McElroy simultaneously served as Wing Executive Officer, Budget Officer and Medical Plans Officer. He coordinated $462K in ACC/AMC funding
for 4 COCOMS and named operations (ONE, OFS, OIR AND OEF). Jeff executed $1.1M MilPers and $24.5M O&M budgets with full transparency and responsibility, executing 99.3% of resources supporting 13 unique missions. Capt McElroy also organized the first Power Business Intelligence training workshop in the Air National Guard, and was handpicked for the premier “Leadership Spokane” civic professional development program.

Civilian Employee:
141st Nominee Ms. Amanda D. Roby
225TH Nominee Mr. Bruce P. Robie

State Winner Ms. Amanda Roby, 141st Medical Group. Ms. Robie is a fulltime medical provider who helped place the 141 MDG as #1 of 531 Reserve Component units to deploy the $11B MGS Genesis medical records program. Her efforts increased readiness for the entire wing and paved the way for successful Reserve Component integration.

141st Nominee Maintenance Operations Flight
194th Nominee Comptroller Flight

State Winner 141st Maintenance Operations Flight. The 141 MOF played a lead role in developing the Team Fairchild Sustainment Dock, enhancing $334M aircraft inventory. They also supported numerous KC135 swaps and overseas deployments, while overseeing training and deployment of 90 wildfirecertified Airmen, including 13 flight members.

141st Nominee Security Forces Squadron
194th Nominee 116 ASOS
225th Nominee 225 Support Squadron

State Winner 141st Security Forces Squadron. The 141 SFS mobilized 36 of 54 members for overseas named operations, in addition to supporting wildfirefighting efforts at home. The squadron also won a
$50k Spark Tank award to improve equipment accountability and efficiency.

Please join me in congratulating ALL of our outstanding nominees and award winners! We look forward to formally recognizing all of them during the Dining Out on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

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