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Land and Water

Land and Water

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Today, Yuba County’s riches are in open land and water. Texas has its oil barons; Yuba County has its water sheiks.

In the 1970s, the county and Pacific Gas and Electric Company completed construction of Bullard’s Bar Dam, the centerpiece of the Yuba River Development Project. The dam impounds nearly 1 million acre-feet of water from both the North and Middle Yuba watersheds. Originally, the water was to provide flood protection, recreation and water storage for agriculture.

During the ensuing two decades, however, California experienced explosive population growth and crippling drought. Yuba County water became more sought after than gold.

The area’s proximity to Sacramento, abundant water supply and relatively inexpensive land make it attractive to people throughout the Sacramento Valley and beyond. The quality of life appeals to both commuters and retirees. Consequently, the area is experiencing its own mini population boom as visitors discover this relatively unknown slice of the Golden State.

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