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The Best Buckley AFB (Now Buckley Space Force Base) Schools
The Best Buckley AFB (Now Buckley Space Force Base) SchoolsThe Best Buckley AFB (Now Buckley Space Force Base) Schools

The Best Buckley AFB (Now Buckley Space Force Base) Schools


So you’ve just been assigned to Buckley AFB (now Space Force Base). There’s a ton of things for you to do, but if you’re a parent, one of the first things you need to do when relocating to a new area is figure out where your kids are going to go to school and what your options are when it comes to childcare. You’ve got several choices here, whether you opt for a public or private school. Choosing the best school district is a big part of that. Luckily, there are several options available to you.

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Schools in Buckley AFB (Space Force Base)

Buckley AFB (Space Force Base) Child Care

Buckley Space Force Base offers two Child Care Centers that accept children from 6 weeks old to kindergarten age. A-Basin CDC offers space for 150 children, while Crested Butte CDC has space for 215. Both have waiting lists, and parents will have to register their children. Parents will have to create an account on militarychildcare.com to request childcare.

Aurora Public School District

If you live in privatized housing on Buckley Space Force base, you will be a part of the Aurora Public School District. You can find their information below:

Aurora Public School District
Educational Services Center 1
15701 E. 1st Ave.
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: 303-344-8060

There are four schools that serve those who live on-base: one goes from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. Another goes from kindergarten to eighth grade. There’s also a school that goes from pre-k to post-secondary, and a high school that covers 9th-12th grade.

Elementary/Middle Schools in Buckley AFB

Elementary/Middle Schools in Buckley AFB (Space Force Base)

1. Edna and John W. Mosley, P-8
55 N. Salida Way
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: 1 (303) 366-2807

2. Murphy Creek, P-8
1400 S. Old Tom Morris Rd.
Aurora, CO 80018
Phone: 1 (303) 366-0579

3. Vista PEAK Exploratory, P-8
24551 E 1st Ave
Aurora, CO 80018
Phone: 1 (303) 364-3757

High Schools in Buckley AFB (Space Force Base)

4. Vista Peak Preparatory, 9 -12
24500 E. 6th Ave.
Aurora, CO 80018
Phone: 1 (303) 340-0121

5. Vista Peak Preparatory, 9 -12
1300 S. Sable Blvd
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: 1 (303) 755-7160

Schools Near Buckley AFB (Space Force Base)

Families living off-base have several great schools and daycare facilities to choose from in Aurora, Arapahoe County, and the greater Denver area. Check out the websites below to get more information.

Daycares Near Buckley AFB

Daycares Near Buckley AFB (Space Force Base)

Making a decision about who should take care of your child can be hard. When you’re on the hunt for the right daycare facility or in-home daycare service, it helps to search for places like Care.com and Yelp for reviews. It also helps to visit any facilities you might be considering, as well.

Public Schools Near Buckley AFB (Space Force Base)

Families that choose to live off-base will have to enroll in a school within the district associated with their address. Public school districts generally don’t allow out-of-district enrollment. There are three public school districts near Buckley Space Force Base:

1. Aurora Public Schools District

Educational Services Center 1
15701 E. 1st Ave.
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: 1 (303) 344-8060

Aurora Public Schools is the district that serves most of the area around Buckley Air Force Base. Most kids in the area will likely be enrolled at one of the 27 elementary schools, 6 P-8 schools, 7 middle schools, or 8 high schools if you don’t live on-base. The district’s site has a tool to locate the school closest to you based on your new address.

2. Cherry Creek School District

4700 South Yosemite Street
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: 1 (303) 773-1184

The Cherry Creek School District serves over 55,000 students across 8 municipalities in grades pre-k through 12th. It contains 45 elementary schools, 15 middle schools, and eight high schools. Their website includes a detailed directory dedicated to helping parents understand the ins and outs of athletics, health and wellness, college and career, transportation, and other services the district has to offer.

3. Denver Public Schools District

1860 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 1 (720) 423-3200

The Denver Public School District serves over 93,000 students and is home to dozens of schools at every level, so finding the right one for your children might take a little work. Luckily, their website has a tool that can help you locate the school closest to you. The website also has detailed information on school choice, transportation, and other resources available to families within the district.

Private Schools Near Buckley Air Force Base

Private Schools Near Buckley Air Force Base (Space Force Base)

Parents who opt to send their children to a private school near Buckley Space Force Base will have no shortage of options. According to the Private School Review, there are 53 private schools in the area. While there are several that are religiously affiliated, many are nonsectarian. Here are some of the best private schools in Arapahoe County.

1. Aspen Academy

5859 S University Blvd
Greenwood Village, CO 80121
Phone: 1 (303) 346-3500

Aspen Academy was established in 2005 and is a nonsectarian school. The school serves a little over 400 students, but keeps its class sizes small. There are about 8 students per teacher, and an average of 16 students in a class.

2. Humanex Academy

2700 S Zuni Street
Englewood, CO 80110
Phone: 1 (303) 783-0137

Humanex Academy is an independent, nontraditional nonsectarian school serving children with learning differences like ADHD and autism. The school serves students in grades 6-12. With a small student of about 35 students and an average class size of 8 students, Humanex is an impressive school that meets a specific need.

3. Saint Mary’s Academy

4545 S University Blvd
Englewood, CO 80113
Phone: 1 (303) 762-8300

Saint Mary’s Academy is a Catholic school that was founded in 1874. The school is co-educational from K-8th grade and also has an All Girls High School. The school is noted for academic excellence and has a high percentage of faculty members with advanced degrees. Saint Mary’s serves nearly 700 students, but class sizes are small, with an average of 15 students per class.

4. All Souls Catholic School

4951 S Pennsylvania St.
Englewood, CO 80113
Phone: 1 (303) 789-2155

All Souls Catholic School is affiliated with the church of the same name. The school serves students from K-8th grade and has a rather large population of 390 students. The ratio of students to teachers, however, is rarely low at 21:1.

5. Ambleside School of Colorado

1510 E. Phillips Avenue
Littleton, CO 80122
Phone: 1 (720) 468-0464

Ambleside is a K-8 school with a small population of a little over 100 students. This allows them to keep class sizes small – around 15 students per class. The school touts a challenging academic curriculum that focuses on art, nature study, music, math, and science.

The Best Buckley AFB Schools: Daycare - High School


Moving is stressful, and finding the best school or daycare for your child can be a time-consuming process. Thankfully, there are plenty of options in and around Buckley Space Force Base and the larger Denver area to make sure your child’s mental and physical well-being will be taken care of. We hope the above information helps make your search easier and allows you to spend more time with your family as you settle in.

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