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Marine Corps Community Services exists to serve Marines throughout their careers and into retirement. MCCS programs and services provide for basic life needs. MCCS support services include:

  • Marine Corps Family Team Building: Programs and services designed to strengthen and support families and family life.
  • Semper Fit: More than just sports, this ultimate health and fitness club promotes fitness, wellness and healthy living.
  • Personal services: Self-directed or intervention services for single Marines and married Marines and their families promoting responsible living, good citizenship and prevention of problems before they occur.
  • Business operations: Exchanges, services, food and hospitality, lodging and recreational business programs offer Marines and families goods and services at low prices, returning profits that enhance recreation and support facility construction and renovation.
  • General support: Personnel, financial, information technology and other services that provide support to MCCS programs at Marine Corps installations around the world.

For more information on MCCS programs at Camp Allen, visit

Exceptional Family Member Program

The Marine Corps Exceptional Family Member Program is a mandatory program designed to coordinate PCS assignments for active-duty sponsors who have family members with qualifying medical or educational needs. EFMP PCS assignment coordination ensures the availability of necessary medical and educational services for these family members.

Other benefits of enrollment include:

  • Access to a family caseworker and outreach specialist who will assist families with enrollment, respite care, housing, TRICARE, ECHO, IEP and school support, and advocacy.
  • Monthly special newsletters and quarterly events just for EFMP families.
  • 20 hours of paid reimbursed respite care to qualifying families.
  • One-on-one help during a PCS move.
  • Deployment support and quarterly contact for all enrolled families.
  • Explanation of state and local resources.
  • Social media outlets and announcements of local, specialized training for parents.

For information on Camp Allen’s EFMP program and contacts, visit

Family Readiness Program

Family readiness programs provide resource information and support services to active-duty Marines and their families. Family readiness officers provide personnel and their families with official command information and readiness and deployment support. Officers also provide information on events, activities, services and facilities available on the base, in the local area and throughout the Marine Corps community.

For more information on MARFORCOM’s family readiness program, visit For more information on MCSFR’s family readiness program, visit

Single Marine Program

The Marine Corps is committed to improving the quality of life for single Marines (primarily 17- to 25-year-old Marines living in the barracks). Membership isn’t required to join — all single and unaccompanied Marines are automatically included. The program relies on the ideas, issues and concerns of Marines for its success. The program encourages single Marines to provide input and ideas toward programming for community involvement, life skills, health and wellness, recreation, career progression and more.

For more information on Camp Allen’s Single Marine Program, go to

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