Camp H. M. Smith Community


Members are eligible for quarters aboard MCB Hawaii (which includes Camp H.M. Smith) if they are on active duty and assigned to duty at MCB Hawaii with accompanying, command-sponsored dependents. Marines assigned to other duty stations on Oahu may also apply for MCB Hawaii quarters.

Newly arrived service members must report to the housing office within three working days with their PCS orders, Reporting Endorsement and a Letter of Command Sponsorship. Sponsors with family members enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program should notify the housing office as early as possible if a special health or physical disability exists to allow ample time to arrange for those needs. Members collecting TLA should be aware that if they decline an offer for quarters, TLA will terminate effective the day before the quarters would have been assigned.

The MCB Hawaii Family Housing Department and Ohana Military Communities (a Hunt Military Community) provide privatized housing to families of Marines assigned to duty on Oahu and to members of other services assigned as tenant or supported commands at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. You may be placed on a housing waiting list by submitting your DD 1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing) and a copy of your orders; allow 10 working days for information to be added to the database. You will not be offered a house prior to arriving and officially reporting for duty.

Upon arrival, all service members accompanied by command-sponsored dependents must report to the Family Housing Office on MCB Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay, at 1571 Lawrence Road. For more information, call 808-257-1257.

You can move into housing up to 14 days before your family arrives. For more information on Ohana Military Communities, visit


Service members reporting to Hawaii are authorized full weight allowances for shipment of household goods. Government furniture is available for temporary loan for up to 60 days for personnel with command-sponsored dependents living on or off base and who are awaiting the arrival of their household goods. When available, loaner furniture includes sofas, chairs, coffee tables, end tables, lamps, dining tables and chairs, dressers and beds.

Household Effects

The Joint Personal Property Shipping Office handles all Navy and Marine Corps household goods shipments. For assistance and information, call 808-473-7750.


All base houses are equipped with an electric range, microwave oven, refrigerator, washer and dryer. Government-owned appliances are not provided for use in off-base community housing.

Authorized Pets

Authorized pets in military housing include: most breeds of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, domestic rabbits, white mice and white rats (indigenous to the United States), caged birds, fish and other cold-blooded animals sold commercially in Hawaii. Residents of family housing are permitted a maximum of two pets. Keep in mind that it is difficult to obtain an off-base rental lease that allows pets. All dogs 4 months and older must be licensed by the city and county of Honolulu and wear a collar with the city and county dog tag attached. Applications for the license may be obtained from the Hawaii Humane Society or any Satellite City Hall. All cats must have an ID tag on their collar with the owner’s name, address and telephone number. All cats and dogs must be registered with PMO Animal Enforcement (Game Warden Office) within two business days of arrival on the installation. All animals are required to retain microchip identification, current rabies and other vaccinations, and a current city and county of Honolulu license (dogs only).

Prohibited Pets

Prohibited pets include iguanas, gerbils, hamsters, mongoose, monkeys, white mice and white rats (foreign source), wild rabbits, game or hunting birds, pigeons, doves, poultry, Aztec dwarf parrots, Vietnamese potbellied pigs, monk parakeets and certain myna species, and other animals normally considered livestock. Rottweilers, American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire terriers, pit bull terriers, wolf hybrids and any crosses of these breeds are strictly prohibited. All snakes are prohibited in the state. Breeding of all animals is prohibited.

Bachelor Housing

Call the Bachelor Housing Section at 808-257-1015. The following members are authorized BAH:

  • Authorization to BAH at the “without dependents” rate is granted for all Marines and sailors grade E-7 and above.
  • Authorization to BAH at the “without dependents” rate is granted for all Marines and sailors grade E-6 and below once authorized to stay out of town within 30 days.

As a SNCO or Officer, Where Do I Check in for Billeting?

Billeting is available for unaccompanied personnel upon arrival to the island of Oahu and MCB Hawaii. Billeting is accomplished at the reporting unit. If any questions arise, use the unit’s point of contacts list or when checking in, notify the IPAC Customer Support Branch. SNCOs should check in to the Transient SNCO Quarters. Officers should check in to the Bachelor Officers Quarters. For reservations, call 808-257-2409.

Other Housing Options

Marine Corps Base Hawaii has assignment rights to 189 Army-owned, two-, three- and four-bedroom quarters at Aliamanu Military Reservation. Eligible applicants who choose to place their name on the AMR waiting list will be referred to the Army’s Fort Shafter Housing Office.

Island Palm Communities also serves Camp H.M. Smith. Contact IPC’s South Regional Office at 808-275-3800 or 877-487-4323, or via email at For more information, visit or see the Fort Shafter chapter’s Housing section.

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