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Medical Services

Medical Services

The base clinic offers a variety of health care options through the family health, flight medicine, mental health, optometry, dental, physical therapy and immunizations clinics. Ancillary services such as lab, radiology and pharmacy are also available. Active-duty members, who are on flying status or are Special Operation Duty (SOD) personnel, and their families, are enrolled to the flight medicine clinic. All other active-duty members and their families, and retirees and their families are enrolled into the family health clinic. Patients are assigned to professional teams that manage their care.

Emergency Care

The clinic does not have an emergency room (ER). For emergency care, proceed to the nearest emergency room or call 911 identifying that you are calling from Columbus AFB and indicate that assistance is needed on base. Your call will be transferred to the Columbus AFB Fire Department; therefore, remain on the line in case an ambulance is required. Active-duty members must contact the clinic or on-call provider within 24 hours of an ER visit so that duty status can be determined and follow-up care coordinated. Ambulance transportation from the base is provided by Baptist Memorial Hospital in downtown Columbus, on Hospital Drive. Baptist is one of the state’s largest providers of health care services.

Clinic Hours

The clinic is open for patient care 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but closes for training the third Thursday of every month. In January and February, the clinic will be closed for the first Thursday of the month in lieu of the regular third Thursday closure. It is closed weekends and federal holidays. An on-call provider is available after normal duty hours by calling 662-434-CARE (2273). The answering service and provider on call cannot make appointments but will assist you in your medical decisions.


The base clinic provides acute and routine health care by appointment only; arriving without an appointment will delay your access to care. Appointments can be made by calling our appointment desk at 662-434-CARE (2273) or by accessing TRICARE Online at TRICARE Online is also available so appointments can be made after hours. Active-duty members have priority call-in from 7 to 7:30 a.m. Calls for all other TRICARE Prime enrollees start at 7:30 a.m. Patients calling in for a routine or wellness appointment should do so after 9 a.m. to avoid long waits on the appointment line. If you have an acute care need (an injury or illness that is not manageable by self-care methods or over-the-counter medications), your care will be coordinated within 24 hours. All other care will be seen within seven to 28 days.

Flight Medicine

Aviator and SOD personnel care is provided by appointment Monday through Friday. Appointments can be made by calling our appointment desk at 662-434-CARE (2273).

Dental Care

Active-duty service members receive comprehensive dental care and can schedule an appointment by calling 662-434-2250. By law, family members are only authorized emergency dental treatment by the base dental clinic; therefore, families are encouraged to participate in the dependent dental plan. Urgent dental needs are usually scheduled that same day or within 24 hours. A dentist is on call for after-hours dental emergencies and can be reached by calling 662 434-CARE (2273).


TRICARE is the Department of Defense’s (DOD) worldwide health care program available to eligible beneficiaries in any of the seven uniformed services implemented in this region in July 1996. Active-duty members are automatically enrolled in TRICARE Prime but must make a decision among TRICARE Standard, Extra or Prime for their family members. Information on these plans is provided to all members and their families during the wing newcomer’s brief and is available by calling Humana Military at 800-444-5445. All active-duty members and families assigned to Columbus AFB need to contact Humana Military to be assigned to the Military Treatment Facility for care after they ensure their DEERS record (address, phone number, etc.) is updated.

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