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355th Maintenance Group

355th Maintenance Group

Davis Monthan Mission 355th Maintenance Group


The 355th Maintenance Group supports the wing’s missions to meet contingency operations taskings, produce mission-ready pilots, execute the annual flying hour program and conduct readiness exercises. It ensures training and deployment readiness of more than 1,900 personnel and provides safe, reliable and quality on- and off-equipment maintenance of A-10, EC-130, HC-130 and HH-60 aircraft. The 355th MXG also enforces standards and compliance, ensures aircraft fleet health, directs sortie production and oversees maintenance operations. Finally, the 355th MXG, comprised of three squadrons (355th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 355th Component Maintenance Squadron and 355th Equipment Maintenance Squadron), supports seven flying squadrons.


The 355th AMXS generates all combat and training sorties in the 355th Fighter Wing and manages the efforts of 500 Airmen in 10 specialties maintaining A-10C attack aircraft. The squadron provides safe, properly configured aircraft to meet mission requirements for three squadrons. It also develops and executes a scheduled maintenance plan to maintain long-term fleet health and provides forces to support worldwide contingency taskings.


The 355th CMS supports the Combat Air Forces, 355th FW and 355th MXG with world-class, intermediate-level maintenance. The members of the 355th CMS comprise the accessories; avionics; test, measurement and diagnostic equipment; and propulsion flights. The squadron troubleshoots, repairs and maintains electronic warfare equipment, TF34 and T56 engines, A-10 aircrew egress systems, A-10, C-130 and HH-60 fuel systems and completes maintenance on aircraft accessory systems supporting seven flying squadrons comprised of A-10C, EC-130H, HC-130J and HH-60G combat and training aircraft. In addition, the Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory provides regional support for the calibration and repair of test, measurement and diagnostic equipment for 175 agencies including five forward-operating locations and five MAJCOMs. The 355th CMS provides combat-ready forces and equipment to combatant commanders worldwide.


The 355th EMS is a unified team consisting of more than 700 Airmen working in 19 maintenance, munitions, supply and administrative Air Force specialties, divided among five flights: Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Flight, Armament Flight, Fabrication (FAB) Flight, Maintenance Flight and Munitions (AMMO) Flight. The 355th EMS is dedicated to providing world-class maintenance and munitions support to Davis-Monthan’s 111 A-10, C-130 and HH-60 assigned aircraft, as well as all transient and tenant aircraft on base. The men and women assigned to Maintenance Flight perform A-10 phase and C-130 isochronal inspections, which are critical to flying hour programs for four operations groups. AGE personnel maintain more than 750 pieces of aerospace ground support equipment valued at $24.8 million. Armament Flight maintains all 30 mm GAU-8 gun systems and aircraft weapons release systems. FAB Flight provides nondestructive inspections on aircraft and their associated components. FAB Flight is also responsible for aircraft structural repairs and modifications, as well as corrosion control. AMMO Flight is the No. 1 munitions producer in Air Combat Command. It builds, stores, inspects, maintains and delivers more than 1 million munitions annually in support of seven flying squadrons.

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