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22 of the Best Restaurants in Detroit Near Detroit Arsenal (2022 Edition)
22 of the Best Restaurants in Detroit Near Detroit Arsenal22 of the Best Restaurants in Detroit Near Detroit Arsenal

22 of the Best Restaurants in Detroit Near Detroit Arsenal (2022 Edition)


Welcome to Detroit Arsenal, which is surrounded by a residential and manufacturing community that has a great relationship with the military personnel on base. Detroit Arsenal was one of the very first manufacturing plants to mass-produce Army tanks, and it’s located right in the middle of some of the best restaurants in Detroit and nearby areas.

The metropolitan area of Warren, Michigan, surrounds the base and provides some excellent choices for good eats for when you get hungry. You’ll find good options and a wide variety of all kinds of restaurants in and around Detroit Arsenal.

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Restaurants on Detroit Arsenal

At Detroit Arsenal, there’s a selection of popular and unique eats.

Burgers and Sandwiches

Burgers and Sandwiches

1. Café Detroit Arsenal

6501 E. 11 Mile Road
Building 200
Phone: 1 (586) 282-5085

Also known as Cafe 200, Cafe Detroit Arsenal is located in building 200. This cafe serves up a selection of breakfast and dinner items and also has a variety of light snacks for when you’re on the go.


2. Starbucks

6501 E. 11 Mile Road
Building 229-behind Cafeteria 229
Building 200-by Auditorium entrance
Warren, MI 48397-5000

Restaurants Near Detroit Arsenal

There’s plenty to do around Detroit Arsenal, especially in the city of Warren, Michigan, and the nearby city of Detroit. While you are out and about, you’ll want to grab a good bite to eat, and we have you covered. These locations include some of the best restaurants in Detroit and the surrounding area near base.

American Restaurants

American Restaurants

3. Theo’s Family Restaurant

11747 E Thirteen Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48093
Phone: 1 (586) 939-6580

Theo’s Family Restaurant is a laidback diner that serves up meals all day long: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have a sizable sandwich menu, classic breakfasts, and dinner favorites like roast beef and meatloaf.

4. Haney’s Family Restaurant

24447 Van Dyke Ave.
Center Line, MI 48015
Phone: 1 (586) 757-5080

Serving up lunch and breakfast, Haney’s Family Restaurant is a local favorite. If you want to grab a classic burger or a generous helping of breakfast, this is the place to stop by.

5. Roger’s Roost

33626 Schoenherr Rd.
Sterling Heights, MI 48312
Phone: 1 (586) 979-7550

A great place for the whole family, Roger’s Roost offers up buffalo wings, deep-dish pizza, burgers, and more. There’s also a rotation of live entertainment and catering services available.



6. Southfield Pancake House

29295 Southfield Rd.
Southfield, MI 48076
Phone: 1 (248) 864-8265

Southfield Pancake House serves up a wide variety of breakfast favorites. Take your pick from different waffle plates, eggs, breakfast sandwiches, and, of course, their famous pancakes.

7. Monty’s Grill

28300 Woodward Ave.
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Phone: 1 (248) 547-4151

Pull up a seat at the counter in Monty’s Grill to grab breakfast in this small but cozy establishment. Get a hearty helping of eggs any way you like them, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches.

Chinese Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants

8. China Villa

25019 Van Dyke Ave.
Center Line, MI 48015
Phone: 1 (586) 757-0800

China Villa is a take-out Chinese restaurant that serves up a wide variety of traditional dishes that are delivered piping hot to your door. Get an order of fried rice, bourbon chicken, chow mein, and more.

9. Lotus Pond

28747 Hoover Rd.
Warren, MI 48093
Phone: 1 (586) 751-4020

Offering up traditional Chinese and Thai cuisine, Lotus Pond is a must-stop for lunch or dinner. Using high-quality ingredients, Lotus Pond gives you the choice to dine in or take out. Grab a plate of lo mein, fried rice, orange chicken, and more.

Fast Food

10. Arby’s

27400 Van Dyke Ave.
Warren, MI 48093
Phone: 1 (586) 757-1950

11. Del Taco

26111 Hoover Rd.
Warren, MI 48089
Phone: 1 (586) 757-2333

12. Wendy’s

25345 Hoover Rd.
Warren, MI 48089
Phone: 1 (586) 758-7342

13. A&W Restaurant

22901 Mound Rd.
Warren, MI 48091
Phone: 1 (586) 756-9000

14. Church’s Chicken

24990 Dequindre Rd.
Warren, MI 48091
Phone: 1 (586) 754-8908

Italian Restaurants

Italian Restaurants

15. Firenze Restaurant & Pizzeria

11028 E 10 Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48089
Phone: 1 (586) 757-5400

Firenze Restaurant and Pizzeria serves up a wide selection of Italian favorites. Choose from lasagna, their famous pizzas, or get an entree like breaded veal or ground sirloin.

16. Antonio’s Italian Cuisine

2505 E 14 Mile Rd.
Sterling Heights, MI 48310
Phone: 1 (586) 264-5252

Antonio’s Italian Cuisine offers an authentic Italian atmosphere. Enjoy the great service you’ll receive here for lunch or dinner and get an order of bruschetta, penne mezzogiorno, ravioli, and so much more.

Japanese Restaurants

17. Sushi Bon

5812 Twelve Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48092
Phone: 1 (586) 806-2210

Sushi Bon is a comfy spot with a sushi bar that offers up plenty of delicious rolls. Get all the classics here, along with creative maki and sashimi.

Indian Restaurants

Indian Restaurants

18. Spice 21

30758 Ryan Rd.
Warren, MI 48092
Phone: 1 (586) 486-4900

Spice 21 is a local favorite that claims to be one of the best Indian restaurants in the area. They serve chicken tikka masala, curry, butter chicken, and a wide selection of other traditional dishes.

19. Royal Bengal Indian Cuisine

26029 Hoover Rd.
Warren, MI 48089
Phone: 1 (586) 755-8000

Serving up authentic Indian dishes, Royal Bengal Indian Cuisine serves samosas, balti chicken, fish tikka masala, garlic naan, and much more. You can also order online for easy pick-up and carry-out.

Mexican Restaurants in Detroit & Nearby

Mexican Restaurants in Detroit & Nearby

20. Taqueria Alma

25343 Van Dyke Ave.
Center Line, MI 48015
Phone: 1 (586) 393-1676

Taqueria Alma serves up traditional Mexican cuisine. They offer fajitas, tamales, and tacos with a wide variety of meats. Carry-out options include al pastor, barbacoa, lengua, asada, and more.

21. Grand Azteca – Madison Heights

321 W 14 Mile Rd.
Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone: 1 (248) 733-9662

A small local chain, Grand Azteca is a colorful spot to grab traditional Mexican dishes. Choose from a wide variety of burritos, tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, and more!

Thai Restaurants

22. Seng Thai

5359 Twelve Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48092
Phone: 1 (586) 578-9652

Seng Thai offers traditional Thai cuisine, including pad kee mao, kao pad pineapple, curry, and much more.


These are some of the best restaurants in Detroit near the arsenal, and they are just a small sampling of the different eats you can enjoy after moving to Warren, Michigan. Undoubtedly, you will find your particular favorites as you settle into the area, and be sure to check with the locals for their favorite spots.

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