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Ellington Base OverviewEllington Base Overview


Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base is the home base of the Texas Air National Guard 147th Reconnaissance Wing. It also houses all five military branches of the DoD – Army, Navy, and Marine Reserve units, Army and Air National Guard, as well as the Coast Guard under the Department of Homeland Security.


Ellington Field JRB was constructed as an Army air strip in 1917. It was named after Lt. Eric Lamar Ellington, an Army pilot killed four years earlier in a plane crash in San Diego, California.

The Texas Air National Guard’s 147th Reconnaissance Wing operates as the host unit for EFJRB due to the aviation focus of the installation, as well as due to the Texas ANG’s position as the primary military tenant over much of the base’s history. However, the Army Reserve’s 75th Training Command, led by a major general is the senior military headquarters on the installation, and the Navy has the largest reserve troop presence.


The 147th Reconnaissance Wing operates the MQ-1B Predator Remotely Piloted Aircraft.

Federal – Provides Combat Support to multiple commands
State – Disaster response and border protection


147th RW

Full Time: 309
Part Time: 615
Total Personnel : 924

Contact Information

11210 Blume Ave

Houston, TX 77034

147th Reconnaissance Wing (Texas Air National Guard): 281-929-2662
75th Training Command (Army Reserve): 832-304-4675
Navy Operational Support Center Houston: 832-380-7000, ext 3430
1st Bn, 23rd Marines: 832-380-7531
Coast Guard Air Station Houston: 713-578-3035

147 Reconnaissance Wing
Publi Affairs Office:
(281) 929-2662

ID Cards and DEERS
(832) 380-7239
Automated Information Number

(281) 929-2525

Family Readiness:
(281) 929-2056

Phone: (281) 929-2060
Fax: (281) 929-2118

Base Exchange:
(281) 484-5892

Military Service Records

Joint Personal Property Processing Office
(281) 929 2077
(281) 929 2366


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