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90th Operations Group

90th Operations Group

FE Warren 90th Operations Group

The 90th OG has command and control of 15 missile alert facilities and approximately 150 ICBMs in a 9,600-square-mile area covering three states. The 90th Operations Support Squadron, 319th, 320th and 321st Missile Squadrons, and the 37th Helicopter Squadron comprise the 90th OG. More than 450 missileers, pilots, chefs and facility managers work together to accomplish the mission of providing the United States Strategic Command with nuclear deterrent capability.

The Missile Alert Facility (MAF) provides shelter and workspace for support and security members. The Launch Control Center (LCC) is a fully self-sufficient entity with its own air, power and water supplies, providing survivable command and control capabilities. A two-officer missile combat crew performs 24-hour alert duties in hardened underground LCCs. A variety of communication systems provide the president and secretary of defense with highly reliable, virtually instantaneous direct command for each launch crew.

90th Operations Support Squadron

The 90th OSS is the training and testing arm of the 90th OG. It supports the weapon system proficiency of 245 combat-ready crewmembers. In addition, it ensures combat readiness through emergency war order, cryptographic codes, weapon system and chef/facility manager training. The 90th OSS is responsible for all targeting and cryptographic codes for the wing’s approximately 150 Minuteman III ICBMs. Finally, the 90th OSS delivers mission-critical intelligence and weather support to 20th Air Force and the 90th Missile Wing.

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