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10th SBDE Ammunitions Team places 2nd in Army-wide competition

10th SBDE Ammunitions Team places 2nd in Army-wide competition

Story by SGT Brandon Cox on 09/19/2019

FORT DRUM, N.Y. — The Support Operations section from the 10th Headquarters and Special Troops Battalion, 10th Sustainment Brigade, 10th Mountain Division (LI) sent a team of 5 Soldiers for a weeklong Army Ammunition Transfer Holding Point (ATHP) Team of the Year competition which commenced Sep. 9, 2019, at Fort Pickett, Virginia.

The ATHP Team of the Year is a competition to assess Soldiers from across the Army on ATHP operations and associated tasks that facilitate the receipt and transfer of ammunition in a tactical environment.

“Mainly the purpose of the competition is to test our knowledge of ATHP operations in a technical and physical aspect,” said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jeffrey Springer, the 10th Mountain Division Ammunition Manager and leader for the team.

Some of the events the teams had to complete included the Army Combat Fitness Test, day and night land navigation, sling-load operations, a 12-mile ruck march, and establishing and defending an ATHP.

“Defending the ATHP was the most challenging thing for me,” said Pfc. Fellisia Young, an (89A) Ammunition Stock Control and Accounting Specialist and a native of Cochran, Georgia. “We were given a scenario to take over another unit’s ATHP and in the midst of getting it in order, we started taking direct fire and had to defend our position from the enemy. It was 92 degrees that day, in full body armor and mask, so it was challenging, but it was fun.”

Young, having joined the Army only 6 months ago, had the opportunity to use her knowledge on a new program in a critical moment in the competition.

“Young was one of my 89A’s who really showed her knowledge on the new Standard Army Ammunition System – Web (SAAS-Web), said Springer. “Without that knowledge, we wouldn’t have figured out how to store more ammunition in the system and would have stopped our progress in the competition.”

“It was finally something that I knew how to do well and I was able to take charge of it,” added Young.

The scores were tallied as the competition came to a close. The team, including Sgt. 1st Class Kevin Tull, Sgt. Brian Nelson and Spc. Rachel Hersey placed second overall by a close margin to the 75th Ranger Regiment team, out of Fort Benning, Georgia.

“When you come in second in the entire U.S. Army; we are considered some of the best when it comes to Ammunition Operations,” said Springer. “Our team did outstanding and never gave up, so I can’t complain about that.”

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