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Fort Benning’s Destin Recreation Area is a private, gated resort in the heart of Destin. Just 220 miles south of Fort Benning, between Pensacola and Panama City in Florida, the resort is sprawled across 15 acres along the Choctawhatchee Bay, minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. Guests of the Destin Army Recreation Area have access to a private beach, reserved for use by military personnel, less than 3 miles from the resort. We have two- and three-bedroom villas, one-bedroom suites, hotels and studios, an RV site and a full-service marina, where you can charter a fishing or dolphin-seeing tour.

Uchee Creek Campground and Marina, 7 miles from Main Post on the Alabama side of the river, is a 385-acre park with 85 RV sites, 39 cabins, 15 chalets, tent sites, numerous recreation areas, rental facilities and a wealth of outdoor activities. You will find more information about Uchee Creek on Page 42.

Andersonville, Georgia, was the site of Camp Sumter, the South’s largest federal prison during the Civil War. Of the 45,000 prisoners camped inside the stockade during its 14 months of existence (as many as 32,000 at one time), more than 13,000 died of disease, exposure and starvation after supply lines were destroyed by Northern forces. Capt. Henry Wirz, the post commander, was the only person hanged for war crimes after the war. The story of Andersonville Prison has been made into movies and books. Today, visitors can tour the tiny town of Andersonville, the nearby fort, which has been largely reconstructed, and Andersonville National Cemetery and Prisoner of War Museum. You will be intrigued by the mysteries of the cemetery. Andersonville National Historic Site is less than 60 miles southeast of Fort Benning just off Georgia Highway 49.

Pine Mountain, Georgia, is called the Gateway to Callaway Gardens, and certainly the 6,000-acre gardens are a popular destination, with its annual Hot Air Balloon Festival, golf courses, camping, hiking, botanical gardens, the butterfly conservatory, the world’s largest man-made lake and so much more. Callaway frequently offers free admission to the military. But don’t miss the opportunity to visit the quaint town of Pine Mountain while you’re there. You’ll enjoy locally owned boutiques, antiques shops, arts and crafts produced locally and a variety of restaurants. Pine Mountain is 46 miles north of Fort Benning.

The tiny town of Warm Springs, Georgia, is 46 miles northeast of Fort Benning, just beyond FDR State Park in Pine Mountain. President Franklin D. Roosevelt put Warm Springs on the map when he built a home here to be close to the warm spring waters that offered relief for the pain he suffered as the result of polio. It was here, while sitting for his portrait, that Roosevelt suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrhage April 12, 1945. While you’re here, be sure to visit his Little White House Historic Site and tour the Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum, where you will view the unfinished portrait of Roosevelt.

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