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Chaplain’s Youth Programs

Chaplain’s Youth Programs

“Battle Cry” a time of worship, games, food and Bible Study for students 6th-12th grade every Sunday at Chapel 3 (corner of Cassidy and Pershing) 4:00-6:00pm. For additional information, “Life Teen” (Catholic Youth) a time of worship, games, food and Mass for students 6th-12 grade every Sunday at Chapel 2, (Corner of Sheridan and Cassidy) 12:30-2:30.

Home School programs for students 6th-12th during the week.

Bliss Youth and Youth for Christ El Paso has partnered to provide Bible Study and lunch at area Middle School and High Schools to support our military Students. For a list of schools, please visit the youth services website.

Fort Bliss Middle and High School YouthPlex, Bldg. 195 is offering great weekly summer camps to keep your teens active and engaged this summer. Camps are from 8 a.m. to noon for youth having completed grades 6 – 12. Offerings are sure to fuel your child’s interests, call 568-2908 for complete information on these camp programs.

For additional information on all of these programs, visit the visit the Bliss Youth website.


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