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Family Child Care (FCC)

Family Child Care (FCC)

Family Child Care (FCC) is in-home care provided by an adult family member occupying government quarters. FCC is dedicated to the improvement of home child care and continuously strives to meet the changing needs of the Fort. Bliss community. The priority of FCC is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for children participating in the program. FCC hopes to enhance the quality of life for all community members by offering developmental care through initial provider certification and consistent, on-going, in-service training in all areas of child development. Potential providers may obtain an application from FCC office at 1743 Victory Road.

A developmental home environment allows the individual child to develop at his/her own rate and provides experiences and opportunities to explore, manipulate and discover, thereby developing those skills needed for independent learning.

The Family Child Care Office is responsible for ensuring that all FCC providers meet all requirements outlined in Army Regulation 608-10 and Fort Bliss Standard Operating Procedures. The staff provides training classes, workshops, and provider newsletters.

Providers may qualify for a Child Development Association Credential (CDA) or a Nation Family Child Care Accreditation (NAFCC) after special training and demonstration of competency.

For FCC care parents must first register each child through Central Registration located at 1743 Victory Road. The CER staff will log parents on to Army FFC online for a virtual computer tour of providers and their spaces. After a parent has selected a provider the phone numbers are issued from the FCC office for appointments and interviews. The provider will call the office to verify parent’s selections. The FCC office consists of an FCC Director, Food Manager, Support Training Curriculum Specialist, and Admin Assistant. Someone on this team will make monthly visits to each FCC home to ensure required program standards are being met.

The Family Child Care office is responsible for ensuring that all Family Child Care providers meet all requirements outlined in AR 608-10 and Fort Bliss SOPs. The staff provides training classes and workshops. The training required to be a provider consists of classes in Army Regulation 608-10, Child Growth and Development, Child Guidance, Safety, Fire Prevention, Food Safety, Menu Planning, Daily Activities, Administering Medication, Childhood Diseases, Contracts, Business Practices, Child Abuse Prevention, working with Parents, observing at the Day Care Center, Observing at an FCC home, Infant Care, Learning Centers, First Aid and CPR.

Parents must first register through the Child Development Services system. The FCC office maintains a referral list of child care openings. For further information, call 915-568-4198.


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