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Womack Soldiers strive to be the Best Warrior

Womack Soldiers strive to be the Best Warrior

Story by Twana Atkinson on 02/05/2019

WOMACK ARMY MEDICAL CENTER, FORT BRAGG, N.C. Soldiers from Womack Army Medical Center arrive at Towel Stadium at dawn to participate in this years Womack Best Warrior competition January 28.

The two-day competition challenged Soldiers mental and physical agility through a variety of events.

During the first day, Soldiers were tested in their ability to conduct and complete the new Army Combat Fitness Test.

This is a six-event assessment designed to reduce injuries and replace today physical fitness test.

The competitors also endured a combat swim event, a nine-mile road march, weapons simulation training, map reading, combat medic training, and an oral board to test their overall Army knowledge.

The idea of having the uncertainty that we put into these events is to prepare you for the uncertainty that the Army is going through every day,” said the Womack Deputy Commander, Col. David Hamilton.

The participants earned points from their placings in each event. During the competition, the points are unknown by the participants until the awards ceremony.

Spc. Dane Stirrat, an A Company, Troop Battalion of Womack Soldier, was excited to have a change of pace of his two- year military career.

So far its fun. I like getting out and performing these Soldiers tasks. I good change from the normal hospital duties,” said Dane.

At the awards ceremony, Sgt. Chendarany Johanson and Spc. Andy Herrera were both named Best Warrior for the noncommissioned officer and junior enlisted categories.

Both Soldiers were presented an award and many gifts for winning the competition but Johanson wanted to remind everyone why she competed.

I did this for my Soldiers. They make me want to challenge myself, so that I can always do better for them and my leaders,” said Johanson.

The winners will move on to compete in the Regional Health Command Atlantic Best Warrior competition in a month.

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