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Reception, Reporting In

Reception, Reporting In

Ft Drum Welcome Reception Reporting In 


Fort Drum’s Directorate of Human Resources is responsible for 24-hour direct support reception operations for the division and post. The directorate provides reception and in-processing functions for incoming Soldiers and Families and ensures all Soldiers are in-processed in accordance with Army Regulation 600-8-101.

All Soldiers arriving here are assigned to a brigade in accordance with their orders. All active-duty Soldiers arriving for assignment must report to the Fort Drum Welcome Center, Clark Hall, for initial sign in and in-processing. Non-divisional Soldiers whose orders state “reception transient” will be given a final assignment immediately upon arrival to Fort Drum.

It is Fort Drum’s goal to have the Soldier signed in and greeted by their sponsor within two hours of arrival. Expanded in-processing consists of installation orientation, installation support activity in-processing, TA-50 issue and medical/dental readiness screening. The staff will assist in resolving any problems that may arise during in-processing.

Soldier in-processing will begin at your unit of assignment (Day Zero). You can expect to be greeted by your sponsor, meet your chain of command, have your housing or barracks needs taken care of and complete a variety of other tasks before returning to Clark Hall (Day One) and continuing with installation in-processing.

On Day One and continuing through to Day Eight of in-processing you will be attending a number of briefings during the installation centralized in-processing located in Clark Hall. These briefings will give you a wealth of information that you will need during your time at Fort Drum, as well as completing your finance paperwork related to your PCS move to Fort Drum. Some of the highlights of our in-processing period will involve: medical and dental in-processing, CIF equipment issue, a briefing by the 10th Mountain Division (LI) commanding general, a two-day Master Resiliency Training and Financial Readiness for both senior and junior Soldiers. You can expect to be done with in-processing within eight to 11 duty days at which time you are released to the control of your unit leadership.

If the staff can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to contact them at 315-772-7529/2107 or 800-661-7158.

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