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The Armor Center and School

The Armor Center and School

The Armor Center
The U.S. Army Armor Center consists of agencies, directorates, and units that oversee and support operations for the organizations and their missions, which includes: The Armor School The Armor School is responsible for training the current mounted force as well as developing the tools for the future mounted force.

The Office of the Chief of Armor serves as the personnel proponency office for the Armor Branch and is the executive agent for armor personnel issues and initiatives. OCOA supports the commanding general’s role as the chief of armor by representing the branch at personnel meetings and conferences, and by coordinating armor personnel issues with higher headquarters. The focus of the organization is on maintaining worldwide armor branch personnel through training, leader development, assignment, and retention of Armor Soldiers. OCOA is a proponent for the Excellence in Armor program and monitors the armor portion of the U.S. Army Regimental System and the Draper Leadership Award.

Quality Assurance Office
The Quality Assurance Office performs a quality assurance function for the USAARMC Commanding General by conducting internal and external evaluations, assisting the training organizations with a self-assessment in preparation for meeting TRADOC accreditation standards and by accrediting the seven Army School System armor battalions and their functionally-aligned training sites. The QAO is staffed with a director, instructional systems specialists who serve as Assessment and Accreditation Team chiefs along with a Senior Title XI, Title XI NCOs and a training specialist. The Staff and Faculty and Automated Instructional Management System-Personal Computer office is also aligned under the QAO. The primary function of the Staff and Faculty is to manage the USAARMC Instructor Professional Development Program. S & F is staffed with a team of instructional systems specialists and NCOs. The AIMS-PC is staffed with a functional administrator and site manager of the AIMS-PC program at Fort Knox.

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