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Adult Education

Adult Education

Education and Training support is designed for the professional and personal development of soldiers. The Army Education Center is available on a walk-in basis.Fort Leavenworth School District #207, is a public school district with three elementary schools and one junior high school located on the Federal Reservation. Fort Leavenworth schools are considered to be among the best in the state of Kansas. The majority of our students typically score in the 85th percentile or above on standardized tests, and have a variety of educational resources at their disposal. All buildings are air conditioned, have networked PC based computer labs, with computers and printers in every classroom. Each building in the district has a full-time counselor, nurse, music teacher, P.E. teacher, librarian and art teacher. We follow a standard curriculum with current textbooks and strive to provide a well balanced, safe, inviting environment for all students, Kindergarten through grade 9, to meet success. All Fort Leavenworth schools are fully accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education. Patton Junior High School is also accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Schools.

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