Fort Leavenworth Community


Five colleges provide on-post programs and related services (degree evaluations, advisement, courses, financial aid assistance and enrollment services):

The Fort Leavenworth Education Center provides, on post, a full range of adult continuing education programs that include college-prep, associate, bachelor and master degree programs. Undergraduate programs include business, management, social science, public administration, law enforcement, and liberal arts. Graduate programs include computer resources and information management, telecommunications, procurement and acquisition management, human resources development, adult and continuing education, and general administration. Counseling for degree and career planning, financial aid information (Veteran’s Educational Benefits, tuition assistance, PELL, etc.) and learning resource center services. Army tuition assistance covers 100 percent of tuition cost (not to exceed $250 per credit hour not to exceed $4500 per fiscal year) for eligible active-duty soldiers.

The Learning Resource Center offers computer based and video-based college preparatory and college level courses, CLEP-prep, college reference material, and financial aid information, etc.

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