Fort Leavenworth Community

Youth Center

The Harrold Youth Center on Biddle Avenue is a focus of a wide variety of youth-oriented activities on Fort Leavenworth. The center itself houses a 9,000 square foot multi-purpose gym, large screen TV/VCR system, video games, billiard room, snack bar and dining area and treadwall vertical mountain climbing machine.

The youth center has a “teens only” time setup to accommodate older youth during the week and weekend. They have specific teen only hours, teen dances, teen movie nights and a teen sponsorship program. Center membership is required for participation in center activities. The center sponsors age-appropriate activities such as monthly movies, dances, trips and special events.

Following is list of just some of the programs available through the Youth Center:

  • The Teen Council (7th-12th graders) is composed of youths interested in volunteering their time and participating in group activities. Council members meet bi-monthly to plan activities of their choice.
  • The Teen Summer/Winter Adventure Camps are designed to keep youth active during summer and holiday breaks. Youth can sign up for either daily or weekly events.
  • Teen tutoring is available Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm, through the School Age Services (SAS) program at a reasonable fee. ACT and SAT Prep Night is held every third Wednesday of the month in the Computer Lab. The Computer Lab is free and is open on a space available basis to the School Age Services and Youth Services programs.
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters is available in Leavenworth at the Leavenworth Youth Achievement Center. Contact them at 913-682-8222.
  • Boy and Girl Scouting are available at Fort Leavenworth.


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