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The Total Army Sponsorship Program is designed to assist Soldiers, civilian employees and Family members during the relocation process. To request a sponsor a person go to online, enter your gaining installation, click “Go.” On the installation homepage located on the right click on “Request a Sponsor.” Complete the mandatory fields and click “Send Message.” Soldiers can also complete DA Form 5434 Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet and give it to the reassignment office during your out-processing interview or take it to the ACS Relocation Assistance office. The Relocation Assistance personnel will scan, fax or mail the form to the gaining Relocation Assistance Manager to contact the gaining unit to obtain a sponsor.

Permanent party Soldiers will report during duty hours in uniform. Soldiers arriving after 4:30 p.m. and on weekends must report to the Soldier Support Center (SSC) Staff Duty NCO. Soldiers will in-process at the SSC 1401 B Avenue, Bldg 3400 and then report to their unit of assignment the same day. The SSC 24-Hour phone number is 804-765-7606.

If you have not been assigned a sponsor or have not been contacted you can request a sponsor by contacting your gaining command or unit. If after contacting your new command you are still having difficulties obtaining a sponsor, contact your Relocation Assistance Personnel for additional help at 804-734-7589 or 804-734-7852.


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