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The Waynesville R-VI School District serves all Fort Leonard Wood students. Preschool programs, including Parents as Teachers (newborn to age 3), Parent and Child Education (ages 3 and 4), and the Early Childhood Special Education Program (ages 3 and 4), are available for qualifying children.

The Waynesville District operates three elementary schools on post and two off post. Williams Elementary, a fourth facility operated by the school district, functions as an Early Childhood Center, housing the PACE and ECSE programs.

There is a middle school (grades seven and eight) and a sixth-grade center (grade six only) off post. High school students attend Waynesville High School (also off post).

Transportation to and from school — including those students temporarily residing in guest housing — is provided through a modern fleet of diesel buses.

Enrollment information is available throughout the year at the FLW School Liaison Office, 573-596-0357.

Schools normally begin during the second full week of August and end the third week of May. The first day of school for the 2017-18 School Year is Aug. 16, 2017, and the last day is tentatively set for May 22, 2018.

Students may be enrolled at any time at the school they will attend. To save time at the schools, parents may enroll students online by clicking on the “Online Enrollment” link on the district’s homepage. Parents should bring shot records and a current physical examination signed by a physician to complete the registration. A birth certificate will be required to register kindergarten and first-grade students. By Missouri law, a kindergarten student must be 5 years old prior to Aug. 1 and a first-grader must be 6 years of age prior to Aug. 1 in order to be registered for school. There are limited provisions for students transferring from state-accredited schools. Transferring students should bring academic records or unofficial copies from their previous school. The Waynesville School District will send for official records.

Missouri state immunization requirements for school-age children are listed at The most recent changes are listed here. Students entering kindergarten-7th grade must have received two doses of the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine or show documentation of proof of the disease. All incoming eighth-graders must have completed the Meningococcal vaccine as well as received the Tdap vaccine before enrolling. A two-dose series of Meningococcal vaccine is required for all students in grades 8-12 unless the student received the first dose after age 16 in which case only one dose is required.

Please contact the Fort Leonard Wood Immunization Clinic at 573-596-1768 or the Pulaski County Health Department in Crocker, Missouri, at 573-736-2217 for more information or to arrange for your child to receive his or her vaccinations.

The Waynesville School District is a highly rated, award-winning, comprehensive school system. It is rated as fully accredited and scored a 97.5% on the State of Missouri’s Annual Performance Report for 2016. The district has very proactive (and productive) grant and scholarship programs. Students graduating from Waynesville High School are successful applicants for prestigious universities, colleges and the service academies.

There are 11 school districts that serve the communities surrounding Fort Leonard Wood. Children of families who choose to reside outside the Waynesville School District must attend the school district that serves their area. This should be considered when buying or renting a home in the nearby communities.

For more information on schools on or near Fort Leonard Wood, contact the school liaison officer at 573-596-0357 or visit the Fort Leonard Wood school liaison web page at

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