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The Maneuver Support Center (MANSCEN) of Excellence
Fort Leonard Wood has become the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence by way of consolidating the capabilities of our three schools (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear, Engineer and Military Police) to make them more effective and better able to meet the Army’s needs. What that means is the Maneuver Support Center will oversee and integrate the efforts of all developments and deliver new capabilities to the field including Soldiers, equipment and training that meet the demands of the current operating environment.

The organization provides the nation with values-based individuals, leaders, and teams trained in basic combat skills and Chemical, Engineer, Military Police, and transportation disciplines that are prepared for success in any future operational environment. MANSCEN develops concepts, doctrine, force structure, materiel requirements, and experiments to ensure the vitality of the Chemical, Engineer and Military Police Regiments.

America’s Premier training center. A values-based, multi-disciplined, relevant and innovative team. Ensuring the well-being of all our people. An active civic partner in the Ozarks. Providing exceptional service to our nation. Ready for new challenges.
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