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Fort Meade Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
Fort Meade WeatherFort Meade Weather

Fort Meade Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


Welcome to Maryland; home of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis and Fort Meade! As you begin your PCS to Fort Meade, you may be unfamiliar with the weather and climate in the DC/Maryland area and unsure how to pack and prepare for training.

Here is a quick article to give you some idea of how you should prepare and what to expect.

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Seasonal Temperatures

Located almost midway between Baltimore and Washington DC (it’s 30 minutes south of Baltimore and 45 minutes north of DC along I-195), the weather here is the same as the rest of the Coastal/Potomac area. The summers are hot and muggy and the winters are very cold and windy. The annual low temperature is around 25 degrees and the usual annual high is around 95 degrees.


High temps: Mid to high 70s
Low temps: Low to mid 30s

The spring weather begins coldly in Fort Meade with frosty mornings giving way to chilly but almost pleasant afternoons. By Memorial Day, the days are in a wonderful range of mid to high 50s in the early morning to around 78 in the afternoon. It’s perfect weather to enjoy outdoor dining along the water in Baltimore or DC. It’s not too humid either, with the summer mugginess only beginning on or after Memorial Day.

Fort Meade Weather in the Summer


High temps: High 80s to low 90s
Low temps: mid to high 50s

Summer temperatures are nothing like the blistering dry heat of Texas or the intense heat and humidity of South Carolina, but it does still get pretty hot and muggy especially toward the end of July. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, as the heat and humidity can combine to dehydrate you quickly, especially if you are out training in the field for extended periods. Otherwise, it’s fine weather for water sports. Water temperatures at nearby beaches are at their peak in July and August at around 74 degrees.
Peak heat is usually around 4pm so the evenings are comfortable. Summer is also the major wet season with an average daily chance of rain at nearly 40%.

Fort Meade Weather in the Fall


High temps: Mid to high 70s
Low temps: low to mid 30s

Exactly the reverse of the spring, fall in Fort Meade begins with pleasantly warm days and cool mornings but rolls into winter with mornings near freezing and days in the high 40s to low 50s. Fall is usually the clearest season in terms of cloud cover and rain is less likely, however, the winter winds begin to pick up so you’ll definitely want to pack a jacket and hat.


High temps: Low to mid 40s
Low temps: Low to mid 20s

The winter is cold, gray, and windy in Fort Meade. The wind whips off the water at nearly 12mph and you can expect a little snow from time to time. The water is also nearly down to freezing and you may very well see chunks of ice in the Potomac River. Be sure to bundle up and wear layers whether you are heading to an office or out to the field. Ensure you’ve packed wool socks and your rainproof gear.

Fort Meade Field & Training Expectations Year-round

Field & Training Expectations Year-round

During the summer months, the humidity can take it out of you faster than you expect so ensure you are hydrating and acclimating before any strenuous activity. You should always be prepared for afternoon showers so it’s a good idea to pack waterproofing gear and extra socks.

During winter, your issued GoreTex jacket will help break the wind and keep you dry. Underneath you should dress in warm layers of fleece or wool. Wool has the added benefit of being able to keep you warm even if it gets soaked. If sleeping in the field during the winter, be sure to keep your boots inside of your sleeping back or they might freeze solid during the night. The same goes for your canteens or CamelBak.

Where to Find Gear at Fort Meade

If you are just starting out your military career or moving from a place with a very temperate climate, you may not have a lot of gear for the varying weather of Fort Meade. With both Baltimore and Washington DC in easy driving distance, not to mention the Under Armour Headquarters located just a half hour away, there are tons of shopping options for civilian clothing for all seasons and types of weather.

Fort Meade Military Clothing

If you need uniform or field items, you can check out the Military Clothing STRIPES store located near the main Post Exchange.

Main Post Exchange
2799 Rose St.
Fort Meade, MD 20755
Phone: 1 (410) 305-8253.

Here you can find or replace anything you need that was not issued to you during your check in process.

Recreation Equipment Checkout Center

If you’re looking to rent equipment for watersports to enjoy the mild spring and warm summer, the MWR Outdoor Recreation center has boats, kayaks, paddleboards, skis and snowboards, camping equipment, campers, sports equipment for many games and sports, canopies and tents for parties, and even snow cone machines! Check out the website for a complete list of equipment and prices.

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Fort Meade Weather


Whenever you head somewhere new with different weather, changing up your wardrobe can either be a fun opportunity or a chore. We hope it’s the former and that this guide helps you prepare for the road ahead.


The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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