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Outdoor Adventure and Travel Center

Outdoor Adventure and Travel Center

Ft Riley Recreation Outdoor Adventure and Travel Center


5202 Normandy Drive

Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday. Snack bar hours: 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, closed on Wednesdays

A one-stop shop for all kinds of recreation, the Outdoor Adventure and Travel Center has a snack bar for lunch, camping gear for rent, information about hunting and fishing, a travel office with discount tickets and lots of information about area attractions.

The Adventure Park is now open! Exciting elements include:

• Odyssey High Ropes course.
• Zipline.
• Family Ropes course.
• Challenge course.
• Rock wall.
• Paintball.
• Youth archery range.
• Archery range.
• Driving range.
• Youth bow and arrow rental.
• Paintballs.
• Golf cart rental.

For more information, call 785-239-2363.


Many things have changed on this post over the years, but one mainstay has always been an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. It really is no coincidence that Fort Riley is known as one of the premier hunting and fishing installations within the Army. Just the fact that we are located in north central Kansas is an excellent start. You would be hard pressed to find an area that has more species of game animals and in good numbers. Add to that some good management over the years and Fort Riley has become known as a destination for outdoor activity. For more information, call 785-239-6211.

By far, the two most unique species hunted on Fort Riley are elk and greater prairie chicken. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism generally awards 20 or so elk permits, drawn from about 900 applicants. If you are lucky enough to draw an elk tag in Kansas, your chance of success is pretty good. Fort Riley has a population of approximately 125 elk. There are also small herds and single elk that can be found on private property near post, although their numbers are unknown.

Fort Riley is one of the last strongholds of the greater prairie chicken. Although these prairie grouse have declined throughout their range, their population index on Fort Riley has remained fairly stable through the years. It is one of the largest publicly owned tracts of land where prairie chickens can still be hunted. Another type of hunting on Fort Riley is fall turkey hunting, which can be challenging but rewarding. Each hunter may obtain no more than one turkey permit but may purchase an additional three game tags valid in Unit 2 only.

The other two species of upland game found on Fort Riley are probably a better-known quarry to most hunters. Ring-necked pheasant and bobwhite quail can be found in good numbers on post. While both species have experienced declines in overall numbers in the past 10 years, early indications are that they should be found in decent numbers.

A couple of species that don’t get much recognition but make excellent table fare are rabbit and squirrel. Both of these can be found in abundance on Fort Riley, and both have a long season for hunting.

Deer hunting on Fort Riley is an exciting time for both the hunters and conservation. The Fort Riley deer fact sheet with specific season information is published and available July 1 of each year.

Conservation Office

There are 29 regularly stocked lakes and ponds on Fort Riley and the post is between the two largest lakes in Kansas. Stream fishing opportunities are excellent, with the Kansas and Republican rivers on the post’s southern boundary and Wildcat Creek on the north. Unless otherwise noted, all Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism fishing and boating regulations (lawful fishing methods, equipment, creel limits and boating requirements) are in force on Fort Riley. Installation anglers should refer to Kansas and Fort Riley regulations, which are available from the Environmental Division Office.

Fishing at a Fort Riley lake, pond or stream is allowed only when the area in which it is located is open for fishing. To find out what areas are open, call Shawn Stratton, Fishing and Wildlife Conservation Officer, 785-239-8579 or visit

Area designations are shown on the Fort Riley Outdoor Recreation Map and Regulations, which is available free at the Conservation Office. All areas not listed as open are off limits. Fishing is permitted 24/7 south of Vinton School Road unless otherwise posted or restricted by military training activities. Fishing is closed from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise north of Vinton School Road.

Anglers must follow all state of Kansas and Fort Riley regulations before fishing on Fort Riley. Anglers fishing for trout at Moon Lake or Cameron Springs during the state designated trout season (Oct. 15 to April 15) must possess a state of Kansas trout permit per Kansas regulation. For more information on fishing, visit the Environmental Division Office, Building 407 on Pershing Court, or call 785-239-6211.

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