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Section VII: Health Care

Section VII: Health Care

Irwin Army Community Hospital

Irwin Army Community Hospital (IACH) provides quality, patient-centered Family care to Soldiers, Families and Retirees of Fort Riley and the Central Flint Hills Region. The website at provides

information on:

• Preventive Medicine and Self Care


Active Duty Sick Call

• Appointments

• Referrals

• Primary care

• Nurse advice line

Beneficiaries can book their primary care routine, follow-up

and wellness appointments 24 hours a day online at


In 2014, IACH will open the Army’s newest hospital and offer state-of-the-art health care to Fort Riley Soldiers, Families and Retirees. The new 550,000 square foot hopsital is expected to adapt and meet future health care needs for the next 50 years. The hopsital will include an outdoor dining facility, healing garden and expanded medical capabilities to serve an expected population of 55,000 people.


Dental Services

Fort Riley Dental Activity provides routine, urgent

and emergency dental care to Soldiers. Active-Duty

Soldiers are assigned a dental clinic according to their

unit of assignment. Family members must contact their

civilian dentist.


Warrior Transition Battalion

The Warrior Transition Battalion is a temporary unit for

wounded, injured and ill Soldiers who have combat and noncombat

injuries that are expected to require at least six months

of rehabilitative treatment and have complex case

management. The Soldier’s mission while

assigned to the unit is to focus on healing to result in a

successful transition either back to the Army or into civilian life.

WTB phone number: (785) 240-7167

WTB e-mail:


Veterinary Services

The Fort Riley Veterinary Treatment Facility is

professionally staffed by U.S. Army Veterinary

Command Personnel and NAF employees. The VTF

provides preventive medicine, vaccinations, sick call,

and health certificates for both Interstate and

International travel to animals by Active Duty and

Retired DoD service members and their dependents.

Reservists called to active duty for 180 days or more

may receive services from the VTF. Elective surgeries such as spaying, neutering, mass removals, dental cleanings and gastropexies are also offered. Clients must show a valid military ID card before services are rendered.

The Fort Riley Veterinary Treatment Facility is located

in Bldg. 226 Custer Avenue on Main Post. Animals are

seen by appointment only for vaccinations, microchips,

minor sick calls and health certificates. 


The VTF is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.

to 4 p.m. for appointments, to

register pets and to purchase products. For pet registration,

owners should bring in their pet’s medical

records. Please call (785) 239-3886 or (785) 240-0307

to make an appointment. We are dedicated to providing

you, your Family with the best veterinary care possible.


The Stray Animal Facility is located at Building 226

Custer Avenue on Main Post and is OPEN TO THE

PUBLIC for viewing of our animals and adoptions.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday,

12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Proof of a paid pet deposit from

Picerne housing is required for Fort Riley residents to

adopt from the facility. If you have any questions,

please call (785) 239-6183.


For Fort Riley’s Banned Dog Breed Policy, and pet

licensing and registration information, please see the

Housing section of this guide.


Additional Pet Information

Shipping Pets

Planning for shipment of your pet includes researching

airline requirements and quarantine and restriction

laws in your new location. You will need to ask the airlines

the requirements for size, weight, number of

animals, kennel construction, documentation and season




Before you move with your pet, make sure the animal

can live in government quarters or in the local

community. When possible, make advance reserve tions for pet boarding as soon as you know your

arrival date. At present, horses are the only animals

that must be quarantined on the installation. Privately owned horses cannot be boarded on the installation. A brief

list of possible kennels in the area is included.

Perform an Internet search to find more available

options. When traveling, lodging can be an issue for

your pet. When you make reservations for temporary

lodging at Fort Riley, ask about the Guest Housing pet

facilities. When staying in a hotel, motel or inn, call in

advance to see if pets are welcome. In advance, make

reservations by contacting the lodging facility at your

destination point for your pet.


The following is a current list of possible kennels

available in the community:

Junction City

Animal Care Clinic, 106 N. Eisenhower Ave.,

(785) 762-5631


Flint Hills Veterinary Hospital, 2206 Prospect


(785) 762-3310


RC Kennels, 310 Kennel Place,

(785) 238-7000



Blue Hills Animal Hospital, 2313 Tuttle Creek Blvd.,

(785) 537-8482


Little Apple Veterinary Clinic, 525 Richards Dr.,

(785) 539-0191


Wildcat Pet Resort, 2720 Amherst St.,

(785) 539-1515


Howl-a-Days Inn, 925 Enoch Lane,

(785) 539-7849


Pet Travel

When traveling with your pet, make plans well in

advance. Check with your local veterinarian for up-to-date

information and helpful hints. Arrange to hand

carry any veterinarian records and vaccination

records with you. If you are traveling by air with a pet,

consult the airline or a military veterinarian. Be aware

that the Army does not pay to have your pets transported.

Even though they are an important part of

your Family, they are not listed on your orders and

the Army does not “sponsor” their travel.

Introduce your pet to vehicles and carriers prior to


1. Take pet’s food/water, blanket and toy (cats need a

litter box, dogs need frequent stops)

2. Avoid leaving the pet loose in the car

3. Check pet frequently for hunger, thirst or


4. Plan frequent stops at safe locations away from

busy traffic areas, if possible.

Never leave your pet alone in the car:

1. It is against the law in some states

2. Summer: a few minutes in shade can exceed 120


3. Winter: in a few minutes cars become freezers


Registration of Pets

Registration of pets is required ten days after your

move onto the installation. Your pet(s) can be registered

at the Vet Services office on post. All pets residing

on Fort Riley are required to be microchipped and

current on rabies vaccinations. These services are at

the owner’s expense and an appointment is required

for these services. For more information contact

Veterinary Services on Main Post, 226 Custer Avenue

or by phone (785) 239-3886 or (785) 240-0307.


Banned Pets

According to Fort Riley Regulation 40-18, Pet Control

and Disease Prevention, Soldiers and Family Members

residing in barracks or privatized housing on Fort Riley

may not board any dog of a breed (including a mixed

breed) that is deemed “aggressive or potentially

aggressive” unless the dog is a certified military working

dog that is being boarded by its handler/trainer.

Aggressive or potentially aggressive breeds of dogs are

defined as pit bulls (American Staffordshire bull terriers

or English Staffordshire bull terriers), rottweilers,

Doberman-pinschers, chows and wolf hybrids. Prohibition

also extends to other dogs that demonstrate a

propensity for dominant or aggressive behavior. Any

such breed residing on Fort Riley and registered with the

Fort Riley Veterinary Treatment Facility prior to October 1,

2008 is allowed to remain in on-post housing providing

all regulations described herein are strictly adhered to.

See FR 40-18, appendix A, Banned Dog Breed Policy.


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