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Student Soldiers

All rated and nonrated crewmembers (to include USAR and USARNG) attending a course at Fort Rucker in either a Permanent Change of Station or Temporary Duty status are required to hand carry their original Individual Flight Record Folder with a CAFRS. PCS electronic flight records file to the Student Support Division, Flight Records Section in BLDG 5700 RM 210 for in-processing IAW with Change 1 and 2 of FM 3-04.300.

Student Soldiers will receive inprocessing instructions upon reporting to the student company as indicated on their orders.

  • Enlisted Soldiers report to 1-13th Aviation Regiment
  • Warrant Officer Candidates report to the Warrant Officer Career College
  • Officers and Warrant Officers report to 1-145th Aviation Regiment or 1-13th Aviation Regiment

Soldiers attend a levy briefing resulting in publication of Permanent Change of Station orders. Soldiers come to Bldg. 5700, Rm. 280 with unit clearance papers, a copy of DA Form 31 (Leave Form) and orders to obtain installation clearance papers.

All permanent party Soldiers receive a one-on-one records review appointment in Bldg. 5700, Rm. 280 upon initial inprocessing. Update of emergency data (DD 93) and life insurance (SGLV) documentation are completed on an as-needed walk-in basis. Soldiers can make appointments for further records review.

The Soldier’s brigade or battalion is notified upon receipt of assignment instruction for permanent party Soldiers with a PCS.

All enlisted trainees and students will be notified of PCS assignments three weeks before graduation. All enlisted trainees and students will have PCS orders published no later than two weeks before graduation, unless the Soldier does not have a valid security clearance (DD Form 873) on file, or the unit has notified AG of a Soldier being placed on hold status for any reason.

Note: Enlisted trainees and students will not have PCS orders published until such time as they receive a valid security clearance in hand. Orders will be published by the next duty day after AG receives the security clearance. Soldiers obtain installation clearance papers from their unit. Final clearance in completed in Bldg. 5700, Rm. 280.

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