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Fort Sill Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
Fort Sill Weather: What To Expect When Moving HereFort Sill Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here

Fort Sill Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


You won’t see many extremes in the weather here at Fort Sill. It’s a fairly comfortable place in southwestern Oklahoma for most of the year. The big exception being the peak summer heat and humidity. Spring and fall are very comfortable on average and won’t present much of a problem for daily life and exercise. It can be cold in winter but doesn’t get below freezing except for a brief time in January through February, and even then it’s mostly just the mornings you’ll need to worry about. You’ll get anywhere from 9 to 14 and a half hours of daylight over the course of the year. Sunrise will generally take place from around 0630-0800. There will be a lot of good days here, not a lot of rain, and practically no snow to speak of.

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Fort Sill Weather in the Spring


High temps: 60s
Low temps: 40s

Spring at Fort Sill ranges in temperature from the 40s to the 60s. Extremes can range from the low 30s to the high 80s, but you won’t see those numbers for the vast majority of the season. It’s generally cool during the day and cooler in the mornings and evenings, with warmer middays occurring in the middle of April. Spring also brings with it cloud coverage for about 50% of the time. Mostly this will be sparse cloud coverage without any effect on daylight, though somewhere around 30% of the days will be overcast and gray. There will be about the same percentage of precipitation during springtime, starting low at 20% in April, and then ramping up to over 30% leading into the summer months. Fort Sill will get about 4 inches of rain throughout the season. There won’t be much humidity, with only a few days closer to summer being at all muggy.


High temps: High 90’s to low 100s
Low temps: Low 70s

Summer is a completely different story. The spike in temperature and humidity is sudden and can be oppressive. At the peak of the season, average temperatures rise to between 73 to 96 degrees. It won’t get much cooler than that, though it could heat up into the 100s. Humidity is a big factor with the majority of the days spent surrounded by muggy, heavy air. Occasionally it will be outright miserable. Some days hit the other end of the spectrum and provide a much-needed reprieve from the norm where you’ll be sweating while standing still. The afternoons heat up and don’t let up into the middle of the night, so be prepared to sleep without any sheets, or to soak them right through. Oddly enough, the cloud coverage doesn’t change much at all from the previous season, so some overcast days could offer a bit of relief from the sun.

Fort Sill Weather in the Fall


High temps: Low 80s
Low temps: Low 50s

Fall at Fort Sill begins to slide down the thermometer, with a lower average range of 50 to 80 degrees. However, it can still get pretty hot, but as time goes on it’ll become much more tolerable to be outside during the middle of the day. You’ll even find it cooler in the mornings when you wake up leading into October. There’s about a 20% chance of rain during the fall months, with an average rainfall of under 3 inches a month. Daylight is going to slip from over 12 hours to under 10. Sunrise will occur usually between 0730 and 0800 most days. The humidity falls drastically now, so you can expect to be able to move again without immediately becoming drenched. In fact, come October you’ll barely see any humidity at all, and the November air becomes completely dry by the end of the month. Like spring, the days are going to be nice, rarely getting too hot or too cold. Without the humidity, it’ll become quickly more bearable until it stops to slip into cooler mornings toward the winter.

Fort Sill Weather in the Winter


High temps: Low 50s
Low temps: Low 30s

Winter temperatures range from the 30s to the 50s on average, with a fairly short period of time spent below freezing. Winter is tolerable at Fort Sill. Days become darker, but never truly become frigid. These temps are nothing a few layers won’t solve. It’ll be colder in the mornings though, so suit up for that. But midday won’t be much of an issue for most people. The chance of precipitation dives all the way to 9% at its lowest in January. Don’t expect any snow at Fort Sill, though it’s still technically possible on a few days here and there. You’ll have somewhere between 8-9 hours of daylight here with the sun popping up somewhere around 0800.

Field & Training Expectations

Field & Training Expectations

You can expect to be pretty comfortable for most of the year, except for the dead of summer and the coldest days of winter. Summer is probably your biggest threat, with the high heat and humidity, just walking outside for exercises could put sweat on you. Make sure to hydrate and get plenty of electrolytes, and use sunscreen, especially for the days when the clouds aren’t coming out. In the winter months, you might want to double up on socks or invest in some hand warmers for the very cold days.


Fort Sill is a pretty comfortable place to live and work, weather-wise. You might see some big fluffy clouds, so let your imagination run wild and envision them as elephants or star destroyers since they’ll be out all year round. You might as well make the most of it. The majority of your worries will involve keeping cool in the summer. Invest in a cache or your favorite sports drink or make regular pit stops to the nearest water fountain (once they open back up). Carry a towel around for the really rough days when your body becomes a waterfall in all the wrong places. Stay in the shade as much as possible during midday, even when those clouds are out. The coldest days of winter will sneak up on you, too. As soon as you’re glad to be done with the humidity, the dry air will become crisp with a delightful fall that leads straight into colder days. Generally speaking, though, you’re going to have a fairly easy time of it outdoors at Fort Sill.


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