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The 3rd Infantry Division is based at Fort Stewart, Fort Benning and Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia. The division boasts a storied history of valorous service in World War I, World War II, Korea, and operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn. Additionally, units from the division deployed and fought in operations Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom. The division was the first conventional U.S. unit to enter Baghdad during the 2003 invasion and the first division to serve four tours in Iraq.

The division’s famous designation “Rock of the Marne” was earned at the Marne River near Chateau-Thierry on July 15, 1918. When flanking units retreated, then division commander, Maj. Gen. Joseph Dickman, told French Allies, “Nous resterons la” (we shall remain here). This motto is on the 3rd Infantry Division’s distinctive insignia.


The Noncommissioned Officer’s Academy at Fort Stewart hosts basic leader and master leader courses. The academy produces next generation NCOs who are committed, competent and trusted professionals of character capable of thriving in chaos, adapting and winning in a complex operational environment.

The 22-day Basic Leader Course focuses on basic leadership training. The course instills leader skills, knowledge and the attributes needed to lead a team or squad-size unit. The course provides the foundation for further training and development and builds functional leadership competences.

The 15-day Master Leader Course focuses on leadership, management, operations and communications that prepare leaders in their transition from a tactical leader to an operational leader.

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