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To Hinesville and Savannah

To Hinesville and Savannah

Ft Stewart_2019 Welcome To Hinesville and Savannah

Welcome to Coastal Georgia! Millions of visitors are drawn annually to the piney wood forests of northern Georgia and the coastal waters of Isle of Hope. The antebellum homes, horse-drawn carriage rides, and historic cemeteries and churches bring visitors from around the world to witness Southern living as it was in the late 1800s. The area is a tourist paradise.

These towns take pride in their historic past, plan for a modern future and honor their military heroes. This is where you will find the soldiers, families and civilians who work at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. Liberty County’s seat, Hinesville, has a population of about 33,000 and is home to Fort Stewart. Savannah has approximately 146,000 residents, and is home to Hunter Army Airfield.

Hinesville and Savannah offer many historical and cultural attractions, plus modern amenities. From moss-covered live oaks to miles of riverfront and marsh-front property, Hinesville has a little bit of it all. Savannah’s treasured past is embodied in the beautifully restored homes, churches and public buildings that grace the city’s unique, tree-filled squares, and that affection has given rise to a tourism industry that’s boomed dramatically since the mid-1990s.

The areas around Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield are a sportsman’s paradise, with fishing ponds, river landings and hunting areas that make it one of the finest outdoor recreational areas in the state.

There are also shopping, dining and nightlife opportunities for residents to explore: Annual events and festivals center on everything from pirates and Mardi Gras to the second-largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the nation.

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