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Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB)

Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB)

The Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) on Fort Stewart is responsible for the command and control of approximately 600 Soldiers in transition. Every Soldier is assigned to a triad of care consisting of a primary care physician, a nurse care manager and a squad leader. The triad of care manages the Soldiers’ medical care as well as oversees the well-being of the Soldier and their family members. The triad encourages the Soldier and family to actively participate in the recovery and rehabilitation process. A WTB Soldier’s first priority is to heal. The Fort Stewart WTB works to provide the environment that assists Soldiers in returning to the force or returning to their community as a veteran and a leader. In support of the priority to heal, the WTB maintains an active employment, education and internship program, which provides Soldiers with opportunities that challenge them to reach their fullest potential. Its adaptive sports program provides the opportunity for Soldiers to accomplish goals, regain function or discover new abilities. The WTB works closely with the Soldier and Family Assistance Center to provide additional resources or assist assigned Soldiers and their families. Whether a Soldier is returning to the fight or facing a new life outside of the military, the Fort Stewart WTB is here to ensure the highest quality of care for all Soldiers.

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